Down Memory Lane

This double header train was surrounded by snow as it pulled out of Headquarters in the winter of 1941 and 1942. (Photo courtesy of Neil Nesheim) Clearwater Tribune, Nov. 5, 1998

10 years – Nov. 6, 2008

A fire was reported at Empire Lumber Mill, Weippe Operations shortly after 11 a.m. The fire believed to have started under the edger in the large log mill, quickly spread to engulf the building.

Sandra Goffinet, art teacher, has received a Quickfund$ Teacher Incentive Grant for the Art Program at Orofino High School and Orofino Junior High. The $970 grant is for the development of a curriculum unit titled “The Space in this Place.”

20 years – Nov. 5, 1998

The levy failed by nearly 12 percent. The funds would have paid for a new K-8 school in Weippe and a new middle school in Orofino.

One hundred and three trick or treaters received homemade popcorn balls from Debbie Jones, dressed as Chuckie Clown and Dawn Thompson, attired as a vampire.

30 years - Nov. 10, 1988

Clearwater County Sheriff Nick R. Albers won re-election by a wide margin, Albers, a Democrat, received 2621 votes compared with his closest competitor, Gary Geidl who received 729 votes.

The renovation of the A. B. Curtis Building and Orofino City Hall is now underway, with city crews doing some of the work. Work will include new insulation, the removal of several walls and a new heat pump system. The completed renovation will feature a larger meeting room, city police officers on the top floor and an expanded city hall floor space.

40 years – Nov. 9, 1978

Clearwater county voters chose their first Republican county commissioners in 36 years as some 2900 voters took to the polls to register a perceptible but hardly overwhelming protest against inflation and increasing taxes.

Orofino High School football team enters the Idaho State A-2 playoffs when they tangle with the Wallace Miners at the Miner’s field in Silverton.

50 years – Nov. 7, 1968

Some apprehension over the future of the State Hospital was noted with disclosure that the State Board of Health has on its agenda at Twin Falls, discussion of alternative directions that could be taken for the use of both the SHN and the State TB Hospital of Gooding.

Although hospital populations have been easing with new methods and new drugs and the establishment of a branch unit at Coeur d’Alene, the institution is now providing extensive medicine and other outpatient service to nearly 200 patients who are able to remain in their home communities.

60 years – Nov. 6, 1958

Clearwater County had only one Republican favorite son as voters approved Leonard Cardiff’s reelection to the senate and then swept all other competing Democrats into offices by margins of 121 to 1517 votes.

Using “penta” treated fir posts with a life of 10 to 15 years, City street crews began installation of city street signs heretofore marked on utility poles. The 165 new street signs purchased from the Idaho penitentiary provide good visibility for motorists and pedestrians.

70 years –Nov. 11, 1948

Urging local library enthusiasts to activate some library facilities without waiting for construction of a community center or library building, Mrs. Gladys Puckett, Spokane city librarian addressed a group of 50 persons at the Homemaking cottage.

The Pierce Foresters lost the second district six-man football championship after an undefeated season, to the Craigmont Cougars 32-0 in a night game played in Lewiston’s Bengal field. The Pierce team just ran into too much of Bob Pedigo, brilliant Craigmont back, who made consistent long gains behind vicious and accurate blocking.

80 years – Nov. 11, 1938

Effie Hardman, 15 and Josephine Kachelmier, 16, ran away from home in Orofino. They left saying they were going to hitchhike to Grangemont. Sheriff George Pankey, who was notified, broadcast the information. They were picked up in Ellensburg, WA. And lodged in the county jail. Roy Hardman, father of Effie Hardman went over and brought them back to Orofino.

Four cars driven by Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Erickson, Mrs. W.C. Grieb, Mrs. Howard Bradbury, and Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hemly took 16 children from Headquarters to the mill in Lewiston. All were guests of Potlatch Forests, Inc.

90 years – Nov. 9, 1928

The last of the shingles was placed on the roof of the new hospital building and contractor Hammond and his crew heaved a sigh of relief as they won their race with the weatherman and got the building in a condition practically safe from water damage. Rapid progress has been made and the four stories, now towering above the Helgeson hotel and the court house, arose ‘overnight’ so to speak.

Making our first visit to the new village or camp of the Clearwater Timber company, situated at the old headquarters of the C.T.P.A on Reeds creek, we were very agreeably surprised to find such a well-planned and constructed little city, showing no lack of expense, careful execution of a well-developed plan and evidence of permanency. It has a school, a hospital, electric lights, water pressure and fire equipment.

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