Down Memory Lane

Ben Greene (left) has been named Man of the Year by the Orofino Celebrations Inc. Earl Pickett, last year’s Man of the Year is shown passing the trophy to Greene. Tammy Baugh, (center) is outgoing OCT president. From Clearwater Tribune Nov. 15, 1990

10 years – Nov. 18, 2010

Betsy and Bruce Lang, who reside in a three-story house near Peck, were awakened Tuesday morning by the beeping of the alarm system which went off when a raging windstorm cut out the power to their home and multiple other homes in the valley.

The Langs headed to the basement for safety and when they walked past the laundry room they saw the main wall of the house to the north going and coming. Part of the wall was sucked away from the house leaving dry wall all over the floor.

The winds were violent enough to blow a heat pump off an outside concrete pad. Lang said a line from the heat pump snagged on a support and kept it from blowing away even farther. *

20 years – Nov. 16, 2000

Saturday evening a Seventh-day Adventist Church group of about 20 people was playing volleyball in the new gym at Orofino Junior High School when a 500 square foot section of the ceiling fell, according to John Elliott, City of Orofino Building Inspector.

Elliott said they heard a rumble and then the acoustical tile and sheetrock in that section fell to the floor leaving the rafters exposed. Fortunately, no one was in that section of the gym and no one was injured. He contacted the building caretaker, Tim Ladd and the gym was evacuated.

The gym was built in 1969 as an addition to old parts of the building constructed in 1912 and 1934. Superintendent Alan Felgenhauger said the older portions of the facility were inspected by a structural engineer and passed the safety test this summer as required by the state. *

30 years – Nov. 15, 1990

The Clearwater Valley Eagles Auxiliary #3896, have been notified that they were awarded a grant in the amount of $5,000 from the Nation Eagles Cancer Fund.

The grant was presented to Clearwater Valley Hospital, to be used to purchase a flexible sigmoidoscope, which will be used at Medical Park Clinic. With this piece of equipment it will help in the early detection of colon cancer. *

40 years. Nov. 13, 1980

The people of the Freeman Creek area are becoming more and more anxious for their telephones to be installed and the switch thrown. The lines have been laid and the jacks to the residences, but they won’t work without the official telephone instrument connected on their end.

They have been promised that this will take place on the magical date of Nov. 14. By Mary Brock *

50 years - Nov. 19, 1970

Hats off to three Peck School youngsters Leann Hunter, Bob Hunter, and Tony Coomer, who according to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Headquarters, deserve a “good kids of the week” for moving a road block across the “top” street at Headquarters Sunday.

The Smiths, writing the letter to Mrs. Hollibaugh, teacher, went ahead to say “sure there are able-bodied men on this street who could have moved the road block, but what if a senior citizen had tried to move it? The children did a nice thing in moving it. Thanks kids,” the Smiths concluded. *

60 years Nov. 10, 1960

Need for a child welfare program was stressed Orofino Kiwanians by Roger Mager of State Hospital North.

Mager said that the present program under the department of public assistance is bogged down under the theory that adequate directors and case workers are not available.

He said the state is the lowest in the west on the amount spent for child welfare and with many broken homes, children suffer for lack of an adequate program. *

Orofino goes to the polls Nov. 15 to determine citizen action on a bond issue for a sewage treatment plant, labeled by citizens of the community as one of the most important improvements in Orofino history. *

70 years – Nov. 16, 1950

Fear for the safety of Robert Adair, who failed to meet his hunting companions Tuesday evening as planned, was allayed when the Orofino hunter made his way to the road early Wednesday after spending the night out.

The Orofino man was hunting on Green Mountain between Dent and Elk River with Norman Bolon, Dale McDougall and John McDougall.

Adair said that darkness overtook him.

However, Adair and his companions and other hunters spent all day yesterday searching for another missing hunter, believed to be Dennis Faught, 65, Burley, missing since Tuesday.

Fire Warden A. B. Curtis, sent a plane out from Elk River this morning and Sheriff V. L. Holloway organized a search party at daybreak to hunt for the man.*

80 years – Nov.14, 1940

Eleven registrants of Clearwater County have signed applications to voluntarily enlist for a year’s military service without waiting to be drafted, it was announced by E. W. Bowdish, chairman of the Clearwater County draft board. Those called must be ready to go Monday.

The 11 volunteers include: James Loring Warner, Headquarters; Lester Oliver Arneson, Orofino; Robert James O’Neal, Grangemont; David Benjamin Wells, Greer; Owen Arthur Hardman, Weippe; Sylvanus Arthur Marker, Nezperce; Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ahsahka; Earnest LeRoy Schockley, Orofino; Charles W. Lambert, Orofino; Addie Adyson Southard, who volunteered at St. Louis, Mo, on Nov. 7; and Robert Mitchel Stack, Orofino.*

Of the 98 recorded deaths credited to tuberculosis in the state in 1939, three were residents of Clearwater County. *

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