Down Memory Lane - Maniac Twirlers

Manic Twirlers-High School baton students of Pam Clift recently participated in the Asotin parade and will be at the Orchard Blossoms parade. Twirlers pictured are standing left, Carrie Cuddy, Donnelle Napier, Kneeling Brenda Lacey and Kim Jackson. Not pictured are Debbie Harroun and Kitty Napier. Clearwater Tribune, May 1979

10 years –May 14, 2009

The Orofino girls golf team qualified for the Idaho State A3 Golf Tournament in Idaho Falls in May by finishing second in the four team filed at the District A3 Gold Tournament. This is a particularly outstanding accomplishment, considering that three members of the team are in their first year of playing golf.

The girls’ scores: Rebecca Wentz- 108, Katherine Uhling - 109, Chanel Hernandenz - 111, Jenny McPherson – 113, and Amanda Bonner – 128.

Orofino boys finished their season by placing outside the second place finish needed in the six team field to advance to the state tournament.

Austin Hengen – 106, Cody Terras – 106, Chris Tallmadge – 114 and Chandler Lytle – 118.

Other boys’ team members unable to attend were Clint Garrett, Cory Kleer Larson and Hayden George.

20 years –May 13, 1999

Bo Cummings has been elected as Teacher of the Month at Orofino High School. He teaches computer keyboarding, U.S. history and weight training. He is also the head baseball coach. He has been teaching for 22 years, all of them at OHS.

He most enjoys teaching U.S. history, which was his major in college.

He is a member of the First Baptist Church and enjoys golf, and computers. He has a wife, Becky and two children, Amanda and Rob.

30 years –May 11, 1989

A few of our neighborhood children, Scotty Bell, Lindsey Bell, Thomas Samuels, Joe Samuels, Amanda Samuels, Darold Dodge and Eric Dodge gave people a very nice surprise on May Day. They put together May baskets and left them on people’s doorsteps, knocking and running to hide and watch as their surprises were discovered.

By Sandy Gudmunson

40 years – May 10, 1979

A retired teacher and former Weippe High School principal who has “refused” label has recently been named the Lewiston Elks Lodge Elk of the Year.

He is Arlo W. Giles, 69, of Lewiston, who trains driver improvement instructors, serves as Lewiston Orchard Rotary Club bulletin editor and is overall coordinator of the volunteer income tax aide program for senior citizens in the state of Idaho.

Giles also serves as state coordinator of the volunteer program for older person, and is instructor trainer for the driver improvement program sponsored by American Association of Retired Persons and the National Association of Retired Teachers. He is a past president and vice president of the Lewiston Retired Teachers.

50 years –May 8, 1969

Employed Americans will work 650 hours in 1969 to pay for taxes. At least part of this 2 ½ hour a day effort on the wage earner’s part is to keep some government officials on fat payrolls where jobs service no real useful purpose. Besides that, you labor so that hundreds of thousands can stay idle on relief rolls that the Supreme Court finds reason to encourage, throwing out all residence requirements. In 1902 all taxes were $18 per captia. This figure rose to $377 in 1948 and 10 years ago it stood at $628. The estimated tax bill, federal, state and local, will be $1230 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. in 1969, the Tax Foundation, Inc. says.

60 years–May 7, 1959

Rodger Williams hung out his sign as one of the most feared pitchers of the past decade in district baseball circles Tuesday when he struck out 20 out of 21 batters from Kamiah that faced him in a 7-ining game.

Kamiah’s Bill Bowles got a clean safety to mar the perfect record but he was caught off base and later retired as Orofino won 6 to 0.

70 years –May 12, 1949

Milton Broncheau of Ahsahka was one of nine Nez Perce Indians elected to serve on the tribal executive committee during a meeting of the Nez Perce Indian general council at Lapwai, He will serve a one year term.

80 years –May 12, 1939

According to the Bureau of Public Health service, babies will react to light the first day after birth, indicating that they are not entirely blind when born. On about the sixth day their eyes will follow a light. Clear perception of objects comes during the fifth month, according to an Americana article on infancy, which states that hearing is in abeyance for several days a baby at birth being practically deaf. After a week or 10 days this function begins and later hearing becomes very acute, the infant being able to recognize the mother’s voice or a footstep at about three month.

90 years–May 10, 1929

The Orofino Service

Station, Beeson and Speck, owners, is making some improvements to their service station on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Wisconsin Street. A new building is under construction just behind the station office and will house toilet facilities for men and women patrons. The ladies room will have linoleum on the floor, a wash basin, toilet, look glass, table, and chair. The men’s room is to have a wash basin and toilet and several other pieces of equipment. Another building will soon be under construction just west of the present wash rack. It will be 20 x 30 feet and used for storing oils and the service station gas truck. Herefore oil has been stored at the big tank station below town and the stock there will be moved to the new warehouse for convenience as soon as the building is completed.

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