Down Memory Lane - Harold Kinne

Second Lt. Harold Kinne, the first Clearwater County serviceman to be killed in World War I.

10 years –May 28, 2009

“When I hear someone say I have to go to work tomorrow,” Karleen Leaton says with a sparkle in her eyes. “I think to myself I don’t have to go to work—I’m going to have another fun day at school.” Fun days at school are about to give way to fun days of retirement as Leaton closes the chapter on a career that spanned 30 years with District 171.

Leaton began her career as an aide in the resource room at Orofino Junior High School on Jan. 2, 1979. She worked there for a year and a half before moving to the position of secretary at the school. “I used to be a mother to them,” she says laughing, “but now I’m a grandmother.”

20 years –May 20, 1999

As the people of Clearwater County observe Memorial Day next Monday, among those remembered will be Second Lt. Harold Kinne, the first serviceman from Clearwater County killed in World War I.

Jan. 15, 1918 (Kinne wrote) “Turning point of my path, Peace and safety are no longer one of my aims. I give myself to nothing by chance. Should chance number me on the causality list, very well. I will be one of the many willingly. No men were ever in a more precarious place than we are now; no one ever faced it more resignedly. Now we leave for the trenches—one lone brigade to join another brigade to join another brigade. It is raining and icy. We are the first of the Americans. I am one of the first 5,000 men to hold a sector of American line. One of the first 2,500 to go into the front line. Our company has position where it cannot hope for reinforcements. It is a rifle pit where we fight to the last. What is in store” Let it come.”

Kinne was born Feb. 28, 1896 and died July 19, 1918.

By Nancy C. Butler

30 years –May 18, 1989

The familiar red, handcrafted poppies are distributed to remind American-at-peace of the price of war and the peace of the price of war and the sacrifice of millions of lives. At the same time, the Poppy Day honors all of America’s veterans of four wars.

Each nine-piece poppy is made by veterans for veterans with the Auxiliary providing the material. Veterans are paid a small amount for constructing each flower. For some it is their only income. All proceeds are invested in local programs for the benefit of the veteran and his or her family.

40 years – May 24, 1979

VFW Color Guard, firing squad and Ladies Auxiliary Members will march from the VFW building to the Clearwater Bridge, from which a wreath will be tossed into the water in remembrance of those Armed Services members lost at sea.

They raise colors and fire a rifle salute at Cannon Park, and then travel by to the Riverside and Weseman Cemeteries to complete their salute to those who sacrificed their lives in protecting the United States.

50 years–May 23, 1969

Graduation exercise for a class of one will be held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Debra Flechinger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Flerchinger, who has attended the SDA School two years, will hear an address by Pastor Gerald Schulze.

The Orofino SDA School is operated by the church to provide spiritual as well as mental and physical development. To obtain this emphasis, Adventist members consider it worth the extra outlay of cash to support their own school in addition to fund public school systems available in Orofino.

60 years–May 21, 1959

A big black bear was an unwelcome visitor last week at the Harry Hudson ranch. Raiding the pig pen one night the bear made off with a 250 lb. hog, clambering over a high fence to do so. The Hudsons found the partly eaten carcass some distance away from the pen. Roy Tumlelson of Lewiston brought his cougar hounds up to hunt the bear but heavy rains had obliterated the scent.

70 years –May 26 , 1949

Pierce residents were given an unexpected thrill about 12:30 Sunday afternoon when a Piper Cub plane from the Hillcrest Aircraft Service of Clarkston bounced off the yard of the John Waldemar residence at the north edge of the village and hung up in a power line.

Ivan F Collier, the pilot, and Miss Janice Ball, his passenger, were rescued by volunteers, and were reported in satisfactory condition Tuesday. Miss Ball, daughter of Helmer Ball of Pierce, was released from the Orofino hospital Monday.

She suffered facial injuries and damage to a toe. Collier, son of Ray Collier of Clarkston, was more seriously hurt, sustaining head, hip, and leg injuries. He is the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lewiston.

80 years –May 19, 1939

M.F. Jelinek, cashier of the Bank of Orofino, who attended a meeting of the Clearwater group of the Idaho Bankers’ association at Lewiston Saturday night, said a decision was reached to reduce interest rates on time certificates of deposit and saving account from two per cent to one and a half per cent, effective immediately on time certificates and as of July 1 on saving accounts.

90 years–May 17, 1929

Frank F. Kimble and Paul W. Bastine, who went trout fishing on the North Fork the opening day of the season and reported poor catches, failed to report, so we are informed, about their little trip on a raft. They endeavored so the story goes, to cross the North Fork on a hand raft just about the mouth of Elk Creek and got caught in small rapids and after bucking the stream for some time, decided the fishing was best on the side of the river they were trying to leave. They landed about a mile below their starting place and had to hoof it back to that beloved spot. Our lady informant said the men seemed to be no worse in spite of the wear and tear, mental, of course.

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