Down Memory Lane - Vietnam outpost

One of the jobs assigned to men of the 116th Combat Engineer’s Company D, National Guard, is construction of four steel towers at Gia Nhgia, According to information received with the photo from First Sergeant Elmer Moore, the 12-man squad is constructing the towers with “ingenuity and brute strength” because the company has not been able to get any equipment up to them. Shown here are Jack Farrow, Gary Graham, John Lonsbury, Ed Renfro, all of Orofino; Dennie Sherpard, Grangeville; John Curtis, Orofino; Jack Uptmor, Cottonwood; Mich Veltri, Dale Silflow, Clark Jenks, Carl Corder, and (on top rail) David Rutter, all of Orofino. Clearwater Tribune 03/20/1969

10 years – Mar. 10, 2009

The state Dept. of Health and Welfare, H&W will receive the bulk of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, ARRA funding, $400 million. Increases in food stamp benefits, home weatherization, assistance to victims of crime and other H&W responsibilities will benefit from the funds.

20 years – Mar. 18, 1999

Seventeen Orofino Strikers competed in a very aggressive Liberty Lake Wrestling Tournament Mar. 14. Four hundred and fifty-five wrestlers fought hard for the Gold, Silver and Bronze.

First place winners were Luke Dammerman, Brian Fritchman, and Keaton Irby.

High second place finishers were Michael Skinner, Zair Hixson, Michael Gray, James Randall, Cody Hollibaugh, and Logan Spaulding.

Wrapping up third and a bronze medal was John Houston.

Finishing just outside middle rounds were Zack Irby, Joey Broncheau, Aaron Barnett, Crystal Hixson, Tyler Nicholas, David Hixson, and Jadon Sperber,

Coaches are Randy Hollibaugh, Clay Fritchman, and Don Spaulding.

Good job Strikers!

30 years – Mar. 16, 1989

Snow pack conditions for the Clearwater Basin slid to 96% of normal by the end of February. Last year at this time the snowpack was at 66% of normal and last month’s water content was at 105%. Assuming near normal precipitation patterns continue the 1989 season can expect average water supplies and average streamflow projections.

40 years – Mar. 15, 1979

Modern day convinces with all safety attachments are not as safe as they seem as was the case learned by Rhonda McIntosh when she went to use her vacuum cleaner to clean the family care Tuesday of last week. Within seconds she leaned over to turn on the vacuum, she was nearly scalped when her hair caught in the machine belt.

She lost a great potion of hair which left a bald spot approximately 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. She was taken by husband, Harry, to her family physician in Orofino who was in doubt of her hair growing back. Fortunately she is growing new hair stubble and will soon have a new growth of her tresses.

50 years – Feb. 27, 1969

Births were up in Clearwater County in 1968 at 177 year - 153 in 1967. However, there were fewer deaths – 80 last compared to 97 the previous year, according to Mrs. Jack Powell, registrar of vital statistics.

60 years – Feb. 26, 1959

Andrew Konkol bid $4100 on a Huckleberry Butte state timber salvage sale last week. Apprised price was $1410. Other bidders were Riverside Lumber company and subsequently, Wilcox and Deyo of Peck.

70 years – Mar. 17, 1949

William Badroad and Louie Shoppentower, both of Pendleton, OR paid fines of $15 each and cost of $5.40 Saturday after pleading guilty to charges of being drunk on a public highway. They were arrested at 11 a.m. Friday one half mile west of Orofino on the Lewis-Clark highway by Sheriff V.L. Holloway and Police Chief W.J. Philpot.

80 years – Mar. 17, 1939

Farm wives may now sell their eggs without the necessity of grading, candling and putting them into cartons.

Gov. C.A. Bottolfsen Friday signed a measure, passed by Idaho’s recent legislature, which practically repeals the egg grading laws created in 1937.

90 years – Mar. 1, 1929

The Bank of Orofino on Friday of this week, March 22nd, will celebrate its twentieth anniversary, and according to business rules, can count to its credit service to the community extending over one generation.

The bank was organized when Orofino was but a very small community and weathered all periods of economic distress which many other individuals and institutions were unable to withstand, and at present is the only local institution which has existed for that length of time. It has, therefore, played the most important role for the upbuilding of the community.

A rather annoying, but nevertheless an unavoidable interruption in power and light service to Orofino patrons occurred Wednesday morning between seven and eight o’clock, when the rain storm cause two high line insulators to break down on the Pacific Power & Light company’s supply system this side of Nezperce.

The local steam plant was put into operation about 8 o’clock in the morning to supply this end of the system until the trouble could be located, but it had not been running but a few seconds until a piston rod on the engine, which had crystalized, broke, eliminating the use of this emergency plant, resulting in entire lack of service in Orofino until the insulators could be replaced.

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