10 years – Mar. 12, 2009

It was a historic day where records were set with so many firsts. It was the first time in so many years and perhaps the only time in the history of Inland Northwest Spelling Bees that sisters like Anna and Frances, both of the same school district, competed against each other and won first and second place respectively.

Idaho Fish and Game officials welcomed the announcement that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar affirmed the decision to delist the gray wolf in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Wolves were all but extirpated in Idaho by the 1930’s. They were declared endangered in 1974, and a federal recovery effort brought 35 wolves to central Idaho in 1995 and 1996. Wolf numbers have grown steadily since then to a minimum of 846 in 2008.

20 years – Mar. 11, 1999

Road Supervisor Jim Montambo reported to the Clearwater County Commissioners on slides at Cascade Drive, Grange-mont Highway, near Huckleberry Butte at milepost 9, Old Deer Creek, and Old Peck Grade.

Much to the amazement of his peers, Ryan Lundgren, son of Holli and Rick Lundgren and a fourth grade student at Orofino Elementary School recently accomplished the “impossible” task of solving the difficult 3-D Family Jewel puzzle during several OES Enrichment Program sessions.

Ryan is the first fourth grader to date to ever consider this challenge. The Family Jewel puzzle contains 40 interlocking pieces with elusive shapes.

30 years – Mar. 16, 1989

Governor Cecil Andrus will be here to dedicate the new addition to Idaho Correctional Institution, Orofino.

The Timberline Junior Miss Pageant will be held at Timberline High School gymnasium. There are 10 candidates and the theme for the evening is “Let Freedom Ring”. Participants are Amy Garritson, Pam Fish, Kim Willis, Stacey Hollibaugh, Hanna Flemming, Michelle McIntosh, Kim Bailey, Ginger Marshall, Dorie Stenzel, and Stephanie Hollibaugh.

40 years - March 15, 1979

Cadet Ross A. Cannon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Cannon, Orofino, has been named to the Commandant’s List for outstanding military performance at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Cadet Cannon, a member of the class of 1980, will wear a silver wreath insignia in recognition of superior achievement.

Upon graduation from the academy, the cadet will be commissioned a second lieutenant and awarded a B.S. degree.

Cadet Cannon is a 1976 graduate of Orofino Senior High School.

50 years - March 13, 1969

Navy Ensign John O Knowlton made his first solo flight recently at Pensacola, FL. As part of his 13 months flight training. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Knowlton, Rt.1, Peck.

Balboa, Canal Zone—Captain Larry L. Garrison is a member of the special Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service task force strategically located around the world to support the Apollo 9 space mission.

Captain Garrison is an air operations officer. He received his B.A. degree in 1959 from W.S.U. He is a son of Hadley F. Garrison, Rt. 3 Orofino; safety director for DDC.

60 years – Mar. 12, 1959

County Commissioners figuratively “burned the Mortgage” on the Clearwater Valley Hospital Monday when they accepted a check for $5096.89 from Walter Harris’s operating funds and paid off remaining construction obligation incurred back in 1957.

Total project cost as audited showed the pant at $549,649.52 of which $263,041.77 was paid by federal contribution. Outstanding debts paid this week were $2825 to the architect and $25,369.95 to American Hospital Supply.

70 years – Mar. 17, 1949

Ket Hanson and Ken Kouni have announced an open house at the Hanson Garage Saturday climaxing several months of expansion and improvement of their block-wide business structure across from the fire hall. The open house will coincide with the initial showing of the new Plymouth.

The Hanson crew has been busy all week readying for the big event. The office has been moved from its original corner of the building to its new modern quarters on the A street corner.

The old office space will be used as a welding room. The office and show room contains a modern washroom. The gas pumps have been moved to the diagonal drive-in at the corner of A and First streets.

80 years – Mar. 17, 1939

Wholesale gasoline prices were raised one-tenth of a cent in Orofino, but it was announced that retailers would probably not pass this on to customers.

The raise it was said, is due to a new bill passed by the recent legislature, levying one mill per gallon manufacturing distributors of gasoline coming into Idaho to pay for purchase of the Twin Falls bridge across Snake River in southern Idaho. The bill provided that the state may purchase the bridge at a cost not exceeding $500,000.

The Idaho potato alcohol experimental plant started a new phase of production here today as a 200-proof, absolute alcohol output began to pour through the redistilling system.

The new products can be used as motor fuel on a 7 per cent ratio with gasoline, according to Marvin Aslett, plant superintendent. Initial output of the plant was a 190-proof product designed for anti-freeze used in automobiles.

90 years – Mar. 15,1929

The Lolo Trail--This old Indian highway crossed the Bitter Root Mountains, following thence down between the north and middle forks of the Clearwater, across the Weippe Prairie, finally to the junction of the Snake and the Clearwater, Now Lewiston.

This trail again appears in our history, 70 years later, when Chief Joseph passed over it on one of the skillful marches of military history. While scenic to a high degree, its difficulties have prevented it ever becoming popular.

The route now used, mostly be adventurous tourists, is from the railroad at Kooskia over a newer trail to within about 40 miles of the divide, where the original road is again found and followed. The highest elevation of this route across the Bitter Roots is 5,200 feet, bordering mountains going up to 7,900. The trip requires six days by pack train, fallen timber causing frequent delays.

The chief interest of the Lolo Trail is the historic one. Over it to the west and back again went the first white men who ever saw what now Idaho is. Through dark forest, over steep hills, rock, and fallen trees; along dangerous cliffs; across icy streams racing madly to the Pacific. Thirty years ago there was much talk of a railroad across there; now we hope only for an auto highway.

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