10 years – Feb. 26, 2009

Orofino residents saw and heard a huge Chinook helicopter hovering over Orofino. The massive chopper was being piloted by Army officer CW111 Tom Hayes, 28, an Orofino native, now stationed in Ft. Lewis, WA.

The helicopter had been returned by ship from Iraq and was now being flown to Ft. Lewis where it will be refurbished for continuing service.

Orofino High School’s leadership class taught by Annette Haag, is on a roll this year, helping their community and their school. The leadership students do numerous fun, helpful activities around their school and community. One of the community services the kids are doing is helping down at the elementary school.

A few students, Natalie Hayes, Kayla Lott, and Frank Haskett, go to the elementary school during leadership class and act as teacher’s aides.

20 years - Feb. 25, 1999

The fifth grade under the supervision of Nancy Shields and the fourth grade under Michelle Sellers held their Lunch Box Derby with the rolling stock made from fruits and vegetables. Winners from the fifth grade were Adam Allen, Christina Eller, Stacy Spence and Kayla Oswald, whose car traveled 19 feet.

The fourth grade team members were Aaron Walker, Tye Mendenhall, Andrew Puksta, and Alicia Hinkle whose car traveled 17 feet and nine inches.

Orofino will be part of a Ring-in for a Drug-Free Idaho. People in communities all over the state are being asked to ring fire, school, and any other bells to show support for the effort to make the state drug free.

30 years – March 2, 1989

“A great big birthday party,” was how City Administrator Rick Laam characterized tentative plans for the county’s Centennial Celebration at the Orofino City Council meeting. The centennial committee has proposed the party for the summer of 1991. Among the suggested list of events are: melodramas, skits, stagecoach rides and a barbeque open to everyone.

Ruby Philpot and Trapper Stewart were chosen for honors by Orofino Rotary Club as their Outstanding Citizens of the Year.

40 years – March 1, 1979

Dr. C. A. Cleto of Orofino and Dr. A. J. Cruz and John Henderson of Kamiah, escaped drowning when their 12 foot aluminum boat capsized in the Clearwater River at the lower end of McGill Hole. The men had been fishing for steelhead and were just starting up the river when the boat tipped, according to Sheriff Nick Albers.

Dr. Cleto became entangled in a line, but was able to get loose. He got rid of the “worthless” life preserver he was holding, managed to shed his boots and swam to a rock.

Albers estimated the life preserver Dr. Cleto was using weighed 50 pounds when it was retrieved from the river.

Orofino City Council members ended the grace period for purchase of dog licenses without penalty, approved purchase of a swimming pool blanket, and considered two simple subdivisions among other business at their meeting.

50 years – Feb. 27, 1969

A few large cedar were felled in a future campground site located at Moscow Bar. These 100 year old trees were of exceptionally high value because of their beauty and the fact that would have provided shade in the campground. Mutilating, defacing, or destroying objects of natural beauty or of scenic value in national forest lands is a criminal offense.

The entire community of Headquarters was saddened by the death of Ed Swanson, a long time P. F. I. employee. The Swansons have lived here since 1946. Sympathy is extended to the family.

60 years – Feb. 26, 1959

Clearwater Valley Hospital reported 1,024 patients during 1958 including 164 newborn infants. These patients spent 4,572 days in the hospital with infants spending 578 days.

Total deaths amounted to 30, four of which were given autopsies.

Orofino High School students were warned that anyone skipping school would automatically be suspended whether they missed one class or one day, announced Principal Levon Chase.

The “get tough” policy was put into effect because of an increasing number of unexcused absences from school.

70 years – March 3, 1949

The mump epidemic of the past two months seems to be abating with only16 new Clearwater county cases reported last week. The largest number reported in a single week was 78 during January. This county has not had mump cases in any number since 1937 and 1938.

Experts today are installing a three-way radio in the sheriff’s office of the courthouse. The radio was recently purchased jointly by the county and the state and will be used by the state highway patrol and county law enforcing officers.

80 years – March 3, 1939

C. O. Portfors, who recently visited Boise, announced that Flint had told him no money was available at the present time for wiring the new Orofino Bridge, but that when appropriations are made at the highway department, will proceed with this project. Paulmer Soderberg, after announcing that the Camas Prairie railway company had voluntarily recognized it had a safety problem at the new bridge crossing here, moved that the chamber ask the company to install an electric signal at that crossing. The motion carried.

The house killed two liquor bills, one providing for licensing locker clubs and the other permitting sale of wines in public eating places.

90 years – March 1, 1929

The sudden untimely death of N. O. Helgeson, which occurred at the Orofino hospital was a sad blow to not only his relatives and many close friends and associates, but to the entire city and county, where he had lived for more than 20 years. He had always taken such an active part in all enterprises for the good of the town and territory.

The Cow Creek young people gave a free dance at Pine Grange Hall to which the Grangemont community was invited. The sleighing parties were made up at the Harkness camp and the band mill and drove through to the hall in bobsleds with sleigh bells ringing.

The regular dance program was varied by a number of folk dances including an Indian war dance, and an Irish jig. Others danced the schottische, the French minuet, the rye waltz, the polka, and the Charleston. Square dances were called by Al Stamper and all joined in the modern dance.

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