Down Memory Lane

The Orofino Elementary School PTA Carnival was a family affair for l to r, Walker Gering, 1, twins Hannah and Chloe Gering, 2, Caleb Gering, 1 and Makinze Gering, 3. Their parents are Jeremy and Christy Gering and Tim and Kari Gering. The carnival, always a popular event with kids, was held Friday at the school gymnasium. Taken from Clearwater Tribune March 30, 2000

10 years–April 1, 2010

Orofino Junior High School is planning a 100th birthday party for the building.

There will be building tours, memory land pictures, and to top off the day there will be a musical production of Bugsy Malone by the creative communications and music departments. Everyone is invited *

20 years–March 23, 2000

A high school teacher from Orofino has been honered by Eastern Oregon University (EOU) for inspiring a 1999 high school graduate to attain high academic achievements in her first term at Eastern.

The teacher honored, and the student who identified him as inspiring, were Orofino High School teacher Shannon Wilson (Sociology/Psychology) and EOU freshman Lisa Johnston. Johnston is the daughter of Linda Johnston. *

30 years–March 29, 1990

Last Friday two domestic geese went wandering. The geese started the day visiting at the Bert Anderson home.

From Anderson’s the pair stopped at the Orofino Elementary School, knocking on the door. When the door was opened for the geese, they went into the school. After looking around, the pair wanted out.

After leaving the school the pair crossed Michigan Ave. and separated.

One was later seen in the Circle K parking lot headed toward the creek.*

40 years–March 27, 1980

Robert Pederson found 12 balloons in a field near his home on Upper Fords Creek March 16. Upon further investigation he found that they were tagged and that they had been released from Sunset Elementary School at Hermiston, OR on March 14.

The balloons also had advertisements for McDonald hamburgers and asked the finder to inform the school when found, which Pederson did. *

50 years–March 26, 1970

With receipts still coming in from the card party held last Saturday night, and the Magician Show netting $190, the OHS band uniform drive has now passed the $1500 mark. Any band parents who have not turned in their money are urged to do so.

Band Booster members started selling pins this week, that have “I AM AN OHS BAND BOOSTER” imprinted on them. Hopes are high that proceeds will purchase six uniforms and hats. *

60 years–March 31, 1960

High praise for an Orofino girl’s work at the recent district science fair was expressed in a letter to Lee Simmons, Orofino Elementary Principal.

E. F. Cook, director of the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology at Moscow gave high praise to a seismograph model constructed by Betty Lou Wilson, sixth grade student in Mrs. Mitchell’s room. The girl is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Wilson.

Dr. Cook asked that the Orofino School convey his congratulations to the girl and assured the school his department will be glad to furnish information on geologic or mining subjects. *

70 years–March 30, 1950

High school honor roll was listed Wednesday by Supt. Wallace Webster with 12 students earing highest honors for the past six weeks. They are Bonnie Adams, Carol Amsbaugh, Jasper Avery, Susan Bacharach, June Buchholz, Dorothy Bryant, Robert Cole, May Pappenhagen, Alice Reeve, Dwain Shriner, Mona Wright, and Evelyn Snook. *

Melvin West completed a transaction last week for the sale of his property and two houses on Canada hill to Lawrence Cox. *

80 years-March 28, 1940

The opening of the new Methodist Church last Sunday was a very successful event. The morning service of worship and preaching was beautiful and impressive and was attended by over 220 people.

Rev. George W. Cooper preached on Solomon’s dedication of the temple. Mrs. L. G. Beeson, with her usual splendid voice, sang “Open the Gates of the Temple,” the choir sang three anthems, “Great Temple as The Home,” “Thy will be Done,” and “The King Comes Forth.”

In these Mrs. Jack Conard and Mrs. Estelle Lindgren sang duets in the first and Mrs. Nina Mae Jewell solos in the second. *

90 years–March 28, 1930

Since no single day is likely to afford suitable tree planting weather and conditions for all the various localities and elevations of the State, our statues provide that superintendents of schools for the several counties designate one day in each year between the first of April and the first of May to be known as Arbor Day.

In the planting of trees there is an opportunity for the individual citizens to render a useful public service. It is a wise policy to improve local surroundings for future generations;

There is nothing that marks the social and educational dignity of the community more than well-kept shade and forest trees. *

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