Down Memory Lane - Jasper Triplets - Jenne, Jade, Jessie

Jenne, Jade and Jessie Jasper

10 years –June 11, 2009

Meet the Jasper triplets: Jenne, Jade and Jessie Jasper of Orofino, where they grew up camping, fishing, and hunting for huckleberries, mushroom picking and swimming Lolo Creek with their family.

When asked what challenges them most, they responded:

(Jenne) “I challenge myself trying to be the best at whatever I do and to test my limits trying a lot of different things.”

(Jade) “Becoming an adult. There is more responsibility, more self-discipline. I will have to go to bed earlier and be able to study harder.”

(Jessie) “Setting new goals and achieving them. Being a Pharmacist in a hospital will allow me to help other people and my community.”

30 years – June 8, 1989

The Monkey flower joke became even more of a joke in Orofino this week when an Orofino couple went a nursery and purchased Monkey flower plants for their yard in Orofino.

The Monkey flower is designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and Conservationists as a sensitive species. Because of this, construction of logging road above the Aquarius Reach near Dworshak Reservoir has halted.

One variety of the domesticated Monkey flower is the same as one of the wild ones. They require lots of water and fertilizer. They are “a fun plant”.

40 years–June 14, 1979

Mrs. Jim Nelson and daughter, Emily, have arrived from the Ukraine to visit Mrs. Nelson’s father-in-law and mother –in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nelson. The two ladies arrived in New York just before Easter and have been visiting there with Mrs. Nelson’s mother Lea Leonard. Mrs. Lean Leonard accompanied the two west.

This is the first trip for Mrs. Leonard since she was a little girl and visited San Francisco. The Nelsons have lived in Russia for over a year where Jim is employed for Allis Chambers as interpreter and translator. The whole family speaks Russian as fluently as they do English.

50 years–June 12, 1969

Recent acquisitions at the Clearwater Memorial Public Library are “Around The Kitchen Like Magic” in which Jean E Laird givesmoneysaving and timesaving hints for the housewife; “The Poodle Book” by Jeff Griffen, a guide to owning and rising this popular breed of dog; and Sophia Delza’s “Feel Fine, Look Lovely”, natural exercises for health and beauty.

60 years–June 11, 1959

Two bush pilots who flew the survey teams on the Bruce’s Eddy wildlife study say Bruce’s Eddy dam won’t damage any range being used by elk, Senator Henry Dworshak said today.

Floyd Delvin’s letter said: “During the recent winter and spring, I piloted personnel of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Idaho Fish and Game Department in their most recent game counts. At no time did we find elk below the 2,500 for elevation and we have not found any elk at any time in the pool area. In my opinion, if Bruce’s Eddy were built, it would have no effect on winter browse area, and I endorse the Project without reservations.”

70 years–June 9, 1949

Fifty-seven conservation officers are stationed in the field to assist the fishing public, the state fish and game department reported.

“Our field force is the largest in the history of the game department,” director T. B. Murray declared. “It is expected that 1949 will see the greatest number of fishermen in many years trying the Gem state’s thousands of miles of streams and many lakes. Last year 213,000 persons bought licenses to hunt and fish, with the majority to licenses sold to fishermen.

80 years –June 16, 1939

Harmony Heights- Everyone take warning and watch their chickens and turkeys for evidently there is some person or persons in this part of Idaho who have been studying up on the method of the turkey thieves in the southern part of the state and may practice on our fowls someday as Alfred Johnson has no more turkeys for them to get.

Sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning someone killed three old turkeys and rolled them over the hill and made away with 50 or more young turkeys. It is a sure profit for someone as the turkeys were all feathered and past the danger side.

90 years–June 14 1929

The Clearwater Timber Protective association had nine fires last week according to the report of Fire Warden Albert Curtis for the week ending June 8th. Lightning storms started seven fires, all of which were small. Slash burning was responsible for one fire and cigars and cigarettes for the ninth.

All of the fires were spot fires except one which is listed as one-quarter acre. There was no loss of merchantable timber. At the end of the week the association had 45 men in the woods on lookouts, smoke chasing and other duties and the number of lookout points being used were nine. All trails are practically cleaned out and ready for use and telephone lines are being repaired as rapidly as possible.

Due to the recent rainfall the woods are still comparatively wet, according to the report.

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