Down Memory Lane - Cole Circus

COMING JULY 6 –Even the elephants must have a bath before getting “into the act” with Cole Circus. Konkolville has been selected as the site for two local performances. (June 25, 1959 Clearwater Tribune)

10 years –June 25, 2009

When asked if Debco had a target date on completion for roadwork along the Clearwater River outside of Orofino, Lance Leeper, Project Manager for Debco Construction, stated there have been design issues which have occurred in construction of the retaining wall.

They are waiting on design plans from the State which, hopefully, will be furnished this week.

As soon as they have those plans in hand, Debco can proceed to price-out the job, and schedule completion. Until then, he says it is impossible to give an exact target date.

20 years –June 24, 1999

A yearling cougar was destroyed after it was treed in the arena area of the Orofino City Park, according to Matt Erickson, senior conservation officer with Idaho Department of fish and Game.

He said it was a fairly small cougar that had lost most of its spots. No other cougars were sighted in the park. Erickson said it is hard to say why the cougar wandered into town. It was small enough that it could not bring down a deer and was probably living on ground squirrels.

30 years –June 22, 1989

Nicole Cleveland, 4½ years old, has been chosen as a state finalist in the Miss America Princess Pageant for the State of Idaho. She will be competing in the 4 – 7 age group at the Red Lion Downtown Inn at Boise.

Nicole is the daughter of Jodi Cleveland, Orofino, and the granddaughter of Thomas and Nicky Cleveland, Pierce.

40 years–June 21, 1979

Clearwater County Men’s Tug of War team competed recently at Kalispell, MT. and when all the pulling was over, they brought home the first place trophy and the first place purse of $900. Coaches for the team are Leo Musselman and Howard Wunderlich.

Five teams were entered in the event, and the action probed to be a real crowd-pleaser. Members of the team are hopeful this event can be added the Orofino Celebration Logging Show this year.

50 years–June 26, 1969

John Crockett, Chairman of the Clearwater County Selective Service Board, has resigned from the board as of April 30, after serving the board for the past 16 years.

No replacement has been named for Crockett, Procedure used to appoint a new member to the board starts at local level with final approval coming from the President.

60 years–June 25, 1959

Lack of funds and an inopportune day for the July 4 holiday have caused Orofino firemen to forgo plans for a traditional fireworks display this year.

According to Fire Chief K. E. Hanson, the show has gone into the red for the past several years and members felt they could not support the show on an individual basis.

Firemen’s plans to take advantage of the two-day holiday away from Orofino also figured in the decision, he said.

70 years–June 30, 1949

Tom McLaughlin advance representative of the all new Stevens Brothers Circus was a caller in the Tribune office this week and announced the coming of the first big circus of the season, the date having been set with two performances scheduled.

In a few days the regular advertising trucks will arrive and begin the task of placing the bright colored posters through the surrounding territory.

80 years –June 30, 1939

Gloria Vosburg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vosburg, had the misfortune to get into some poison oak while visiting at the home of her grandparents near Whitebird, and got her lower limbs badly poisoned. She had to visit a doctor at Orofino.

90 years–June 28, 1929

A suit seeking to prevent Idaho from enforcing its newly enacted law against licensing dealers who handle oleomargarine was filed in federal court today by Best Foods, Inc., of New York.

The law provides that wholesalers be charged $200 per year and retailers $50 a year for licenses to sell oleomargarine.

The complaint alleged that eight wholesalers and 793 retailers of the product in Idaho sold a million pounds of the butter substitute in the year ending in June 30, 1928.

It was charged also that the law was enacted solely at the insistance of persons interested in the competing industry and not for the “benefit of public health, safety or morals of the people of the state of Idaho.”

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