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Keys to Downtown Hayes Food Store changed hands recently, when Tim Hayes at left, purchased the business from his father, Pat Hayes, at right. The store name has been changed to Frontier Foods, and will now be operated as a completely separate business from the Riverside Hayes Store, which Pat will continue to own and operate. Clearwater Tribune, June 11, 1981

10 years – June 9, 2011

“The Clearwater River, near Orofino, is just starting to enter its basic flood stage, with a potential for flooding,” said Don Gardner, Clearwater County Emergency Management. “Right now it’s just a game of watching. The horse display [metal statues at Clearwater Crossing R.V. Park] is a good gauge. If the horses are drinking – they’re drowning.” There are actually designated spots along the river covering the distance from Orofino City Park to the city yard, that are watched closely where there are official gauges.*

The Orofino American Legion Baseball Board would like to let the dedicated supporting Merchants and community members know about the current status of this year’s American Legion Baseball program. Unfortunately, due to a lack of players, it is not possible to field a team this summer.*

20 years – June 7, 2001

“Get Hooked on Orofino” and join the first annual Governor’s Spring Chinook Salmon Derby, “Hook the Chinook” sponsored by Orofino Chamber of Commerce. The derby will run from 6 a.m. June 23 to 6 p.m. July 1. The heaviest fish wins.*

Last Friday, seniors once more enjoyed the monthly celebration of anniversaries and birthdays. Those celebrating were Levon and Nellie Chase, anniversary and Nellie’s birthday; George and Ruth Root, anniversary and Ruth’s birthday; Sonny and Annabell Schilling, anniversary and Annabell’s birthday.*

30 years – June 6, 1991

West Coast Grocery announced that Glenwood IGA has once again achieved the highest overall score as a result of their 1991 Standards and Sanitation Inspection for all IGA stores. Glenwood IGA has won this award for the seventh consecutive year.*

The City of Orofino is now accepting applications for the city council seat vacated by Wayne Shriver who was appointed mayor May 28.

Shriver’s appointment followed the recent death of Mayor Paul DeCelle. Ester Price was appointed mayor pro tem.*

40 years –June 11, 1981

Empire Airways Annual Fly-In held at the Orofino Airport was abbreviated and dampened somewhat from rain that afternoon, but despite this officials said most of the scheduled events were completed, and that they are looking forward to an even bigger and better show next year.*

After being in the same family for 55 years, Hayes Food Store in downtown has changed hands… but it still remains in the family. Recently Tim Hayes purchased the store from his father, Pat Hayes who has owned the store since 1960.*

50 years –June 10, 1971

One of the more critical days for State Hospital North will be when the Idaho Board of Health makes final decision on how much money, and what kind of treatment program to allow for the state institution, that for 66 years has served the mental health needs of western Idaho.

Headed by Dr. Myrick Pullen, state mental health director, a team of fiscal experts spent last Thursday in Orofino preparing budget costs on three alternative plans for the hospital which now houses 161 patients and has charge of 138 others, mostly home on leave or in trial visits.

Major alternatives included closing the hospital, which Dr. Pullen said in Orofino, would be, “costly both in money and in terms of human misery;” 2 – reducing population to 60, 70, or 120 bed level, for acute treatment center; or 3 – shaving all mental health budgets to a degree to permit the hospital to function at a somewhat lower degree of service than its present level.*

60 years –June 8, 1961

An intense lightning storm destroyed the Thompson stud and tie mill at Weippe last Friday despite efforts of the Weippe Volunteer Fire Department and CTPA equipment to halt the blaze.

Two fire engines were dispatched after the mill caught fire at the height of the storm about 8 p.m. but the fire had too much headway and the mill was a total loss estimated at over $40,000.*

Electrical storms and fire hit hard here. Loss of the Thompson stud mill cut employment for 35 men including truck haulers and log cutters.

Three mills of the area previously burned were the Oswald Peterson mill, Onis Clark mill belonging to Mr. Clark burned in the Lolo area and Schmidt mill also burned and was rebuilt. Clyde Heywood saw the lightning strike near the mill and alerted Weippe Fire Dept. Heywood living on Grasshopper Creek and many other residents had their TV sets burned out by the storm.

A severe storm also hit again Saturday and much damage was reported to telephones. Two cows on the Weippe prairie were killed under a tree. An electric pump was lifted by a lightning circuit from the cement foundation at the pump house at the John Opresik home on the prairie. If anyone had been in the pump house at the time of the strike they would have been electrocuted. The pump house is under repair.*

70 years –June 7, 1951

The big day for members of Harold Kinne post of the VFW is here. The building will be dedicated at ceremonies this afternoon with

Charles C. Ralls, national commander-in-chief and Mayor A. B. Curtis to speak. A banquet will be held tonight and an open house Sunday afternoon.*

Throughout America the general procedure has been for the people of the community, in tribute to the men and women who served in the time of war, to erect a memorial in memory of their sacrifices.

In Orofino the procedure has been reversed. Here the veterans have themselves built a memorial, not to themselves, but in tribute to those who did not return. The memorial, while built for ex-servicemen and their families to enjoy, also was erected with an eye to filling a public need in Orofino.

For many years Orofino has been without a community kitchen or suitable assembly hall. State and district conventions in some instances were forced to by-pass Orofino because of the lack of facilities.

This drawback has been remedied, thanks to the vision and perseverance of the officers and other leaders of our VFW post.*

80 years –June 12, 1941

All male persons in the United States who have reached their 21st birthday on or before July 1, 1941 and since October 16, 1940, are required to register for one year’s military training on July 1, 1941, according to a proclamation issued recently by President Roosevelt, it was announced at selective service headquarters here yesterday.*

Conservation officers of the Idaho Fish and Game department made 83 arrests for violation of the fish and game laws during May.

Principal violation during the month was fishing without a license which accounted for 25 arrests.*

90 years –June 12, 1931

A number of local people went into the Bungalow ranger station during the weekend to enjoy river fishing. The road from the Reuhle place via the Oxford is now open and in fair shape except for bridges which were damaged last fall when heavy bridge steel and equipment were taken over them. However, the forest service road crew is repairing these this week and by Sunday it is probable that the road will be in first class shape.

Those fishing on the river did not get a large number of fish but practically all caught several good sized ones. They are biting baits, spinners and flies in this stage of the water.*

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