Down Memory Lane

WALRATH INSURANCE CELEBVRATES 100 YEARS—this Friday, June 25, Walrath Insurance Agency, Orofino’s oldest business, will throw a party to celebrate its 100th anniversary. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, and snow cones outside the business, located at the corner of College and Johnson Avenues. There will also be prize giveaways, and past employees will stop by to visit, including Harry Walrath. Harry is pictured above with his father and grandfather in an ad Walrath ran in an August, 1962 edition of the Clearwater Tribune. Taken from Clearwater Tribune, June 24, 2010

10 Years-June 24, 2010

Walrath Insurance Agency marks its hundredth anniversary by extending an invitation to a celebration Friday, June 24, a letter of invitation was extended to the Mayor, council, and city staff.

A letter was received from Imperial Oil advising of two upcoming meetings to discuss the transportation of oversized equipment on Hwy 12, from Lewiston to Lolo Pass. The first open house will be June 28 at the Red Lion Inn in Lewiston, from 4 to 7 p.m. The second meeting will be June 29 at Kooskia City Hall, also from 4 to 7 p.m. *

20 Years-June 22, 2000

Brad Livingston was chosen as Konkolville Lumber Company’s employee of the month. This is the second time Brad has won this award, the first time being July 1999.

Brad began work at Konkolville in June of 1998 as a part time employee, doing cleanup and other odd jobs. Before the end of the summer, there was an opening in the sawmill and Brad was given the opportunity for a full time position.

He has become an important part of the team at Konkolville and he is to be congratulated on an award well deserved. *

30 Years-June 28, 1990

The Canoe Camp time capsule dating back to the early 1940’s will be opened live around noon Sunday, July 1 at the Centennial Bar-B-Que celebration.

A new time capsule will be put in a monument at the park during the Centennial celebrations.

Stile Gleason said there was a time capsule, at China Island, which was tipped over by the flood of 1933. The contents were rescued. She said these contents may be in the Canoe Camp time capsule to be opened Sunday.

The capsule will be sealed for 100 years. Rick Laam, who is associated with the centennial committee, said a rattlesnake skin was found wrapped around the monument. *

40 Years-June 19, 1980

The Board of County Commissioners approved simple subdivisions for Robert Kinney and Dean Mangum to divide one 27.65 acre tract into three parcels on Wells Bench and for Albert Grasser to transfer two one-acre parcels from his 40 acres to his children. *

50 Years-June 25, 1970

The city police investigated a burglary at Hayes Food Store in Orofino Saturday night and have apprehended three juveniles. Entry was gained through a direct air vent in the side of the building. Taken in the robbery were 22 cartons of cigarettes, one case of glue and approximately $10 in small change. *

So far this season a total of 20 fires have occurred in the Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protection Assn. area, reports M.O. Koppang, chief fire warden. Sixteen of the fires were caused by lightening, the others by campfires, debris burning and equipment use. All fires have been extinguished to date. *

60 Years-June 16, 1960

Lois Seubert, University of Idaho graduate this spring, began home extension agent duties here Tuesday. She succeeds Millicent Thompson who returned with her husband to Kansas.

Miss Seubert was raised on a farm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Seubert of Ferdinand and attended St Gertrude’s Academy. *

70 Years-June 15, 1950

Five years of waiting came to an end last week with the arrival in Boise of Mrs. Michael Kouni and five-year old son, Merrick. They arrived at their destination June 14.

Kouni, former Orofino resident and brother of Ken Kouni, and his British bride were marred during the war in England. A vicious combination of sickness and red tape frustrated numerous attempts, to bring the war bride and young son to the United States. An air trip by the waiting husband to Washington D.C, finally untangled the red tape and effected the happy reunion.

Mrs. R.D. Werner, who was in Boise last week said she had the pleasure of meeting the new arrivals. *

80 Years-June 28, 1940

Twenty-five World War II and Spanish-American War veterans may enroll in the Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho from July1 to July 20, according to Homer Hudelson, manager of the veteran’s admiration in Boise. Veterans selected must be unemployed and in need of employment. Preference will be given to veterans receiving aid from public relief agencies. *

90 Years-June 27, 1930

The American Legion free library now has a total of 986 books including 42 new ones just added, according to Arthur Dinnison, chairman of the library committee. *

Lige Woolfolk of Orofino was awarded a government contract recently for carrying mail to and from Greer and Pierce and will start his run July first. Wednesday he took delivery of a new Dodge truck from Hanson’s Garage which he will use for this purpose. *

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