Down Memory Lane

DIFFERENT STROKES—Hot summer weather has brought out boaters by droves to Dworshak Reservoir, and they are enjoying traveling on the water by a variety of methods. Pictured here are just some of the different modes enjoyed Sunday afternoon, from sailboat, speedboat, pontoon boat, and motorized rubber raft, to slalom skiing as demonstrated here by Doug Donner. Clearwater Tribune, July 26, 1979

10 years –July 30, 2009

When the Beatles’ musical biography “Ticket to Ride” plays at the Egyptian Theatre, Boise resident, Katie Ponozzo (an OHS graduate), Lesley Thompson, Lisa Whitwell, and Jennifer Waters will perform on stage with the touring production.

Ponozzo, who is a dance instructor at Boise State University, was hired to choreograph the show for the Boise performances and cast dancers to perform with her.

Ponozzo grew up in Orofino. Since Orofino did not have a dance studio, it was challenging for Ponozzo to train as a dancer. *

20 years –July 29, 1999

NADL Enterprises will be moving their operation to the pistol range portion of the city’s industrial site following the approval of a lease agreement with Bonnie Nejdl and Resolution #283 during Orofino City Council meeting Monday evening.

The company has had their garbage collection operation downtown for a number of years. New arrangements for a shooting range are in process both for local law enforcement and hunter education. *

30 years –July 27, 1989

Orofino City Administrator Rick Laam presented a Centennial Flag to the City for the city hall Monday evening during the regular council meeting. The flag was made by the Idaho Panhandle Council, A Boy Scout organization based in Hayden Lake, this group of Scouts has the only rights for construction of the Centennial Flag. The new flag will fly over city hall during the centennial year. *

40 years–July 26, 1979

Loss of 55 percent of the generating capacity of Dworshak Power House was reported from a fire in the 220 megawatt generator Monday afternoon the Corps of Engineers reports.

Automatic sensing equipment detected the heat as smoke began rolling out of the big generator and poured carbon dioxide gas into the unit to suppress the flames. *

50 years–July 31, 1969

During the past week there has been a considerable increase in the number of fires occurring in the Clearwater-Potlatch Forest Protective district, with M. O. Koppang, chief fire warden, reporting 17 spot fires this week. Twelve of these were caused by trains, one by debris burning, and three by miscellaneous causes and cause of the other was unknown. The railroad caused fires were taken care of by the railroad patrol, Koppang said.

So far this season there has been 41 fires in the district, with the expected number being 42. *

60 years–July 30, 1959

A Cavendish sawmill owned by Ray King and Ralph Miller was destroyed by fire last Thursday for a loss of about $15,000. About $8000 in lumber was also burned in fire which broke out about 5:45 a.m.

King said an ember from the burner might have caught in the roof. When he and a son, Carl, reached the fire they were able to save a truck but a tractor was also burned. Miller was at Harrison Hot Springs. The mill had been hauling timber to Troy Limber at Kamiah. Lack of stumpage in the area will prevent rebuilding the owners said. There was no insurance on the property.

King and his son were eating breakfast when they saw smoke from the fire nearly a mile from his home. *

70 years–July 28, 1949

Selection of Ruth Ann Korvola as queen for the Fire department in the annual contest held by Orofino Celebrations, Inc., is announced by this week by Mrs. Roy Haines, Jay-c-ettes chairman for the event.

Miss Korvola, an Orofino high school junior, now working at the Owl Drug Company, is the daughter of Mrs. Marvel Peterson. She is an attractive brunette and when a freshman was chosen O club queen at school. She is highly appreciated in the community for her pleasant disposition and ready smile and will offer good competition in the annual contest. *

80 years–July 28, 1939

Action was again postponed on the application of Roland Little and Zan Jordan for a city beer license when the council held a special meeting on the matter last Thursday night.

Councilmen postponed their decision until August 3, when they have asked for a written opinion from the City Attorney Frank F Kimble regarding constitutionality of the city ordinance limiting the number of beer licenses within the city limit. In the meantime a petition of protest against granting the license was filed with the clerk. It was signed by residents adjacent to the site of the corner of Main and Michigan avenues. Paul W Hyatt, Lewiston attorney, acting on behalf of the applicants, questioned constitutionality of the ordinance. *

90 years–July 26, 1929

The Grangemont band mill of the White Pine Lumber company completed the season’s run of 2,500,000 feet of white pine July 13 and has shut down until next spring. All the lumber from the mill is being hauled to Rudo siding and the most of it will be shipped directly to Orofino by rail where it will virtually be milled in transit into planed lumber and match blocks for shipment to outside points. About two cars a day are being loaded out of Rudo. *

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