Down Memory Lane - Shape Fair Plans

SHAPE FOR PLANS--Again taking charge of the Clearwater County Fair Board are Wayne Johnson, second from left and Paul Wetter, fourth from left. Other busy in planning the September 18-19-20 show (from left) are county agent Norman Fitzsimmons, board member Jerry Lumper, Home Extension agent Mrs. Millicent Thompson and board member Mrs. W. H. Kleinsmith. Other members, not pictured, are Robert Oud, board treasurer, Earl Thornton, Cecil Choate and Mrs. Robert Sammons. Clearwater Tribune, July 16, 1959

10 years –July 9, 2009

A Moscow man reported that he was attacked by a mountain lion Saturday evening while camping near Elk River.

The man, who did not want to be identified, didn’t seek medical treatment. The incident occurred Saturday at approximately 6 p.m. near the Elk Creek Falls trailhead southwest of Elk River.

Early Sunday morning, the victim returned to the scene with local houndsmen with three tracking hounds. The area was searched from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. but efforts to pick up the lion’s scent were unsuccessful. *

20 years –July 15, 1999

A grass roots community effort is going forward to get mitigation funds for lost recreation opportunities at Dworshak Reservoir.

Lost recreation has had a number of impacts on the community and the group is asking for funds to cover such things as water system improvements, rehabilitation to Orofino Junior High School, a community complex including a swimming pool and lights for the baseball field. Directly for Dworshak Reservoir they are looking for a fertilization program, a fishing pond, a fish saver program, a boat ramp extensions, additional floating restrooms, handicapped accessibility for the docks, courtesy docks and a handicapped accessible mini-camp. *

30 years –July 20, 1989

Dworshak Dam, a major Columbia River Basin storage dam in central Idaho, will soon begin increased water releases to help ease an unexpected shortfall in the water supply required to meet firm energy commitments. Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ North Pacific Division announced the increased releases today.

“We’re going to have to begin lowering the lake level early next week,” said Jim Cayanus, Corps hydrologist. “Dworshak doesn’t usually start drafting water until September, but the runoff conditions have forced us to start much earlier than normal.” *

40 years–July 19, 1979

The Board of Trustees held their annual meeting Monday, and re-elected Eva Wolfe chairperson for the coming year. Darold Kludt, vice-chairperson, and Dorothy Young, clerk and treasurer. They voted to hold the regular monthly meeting the third Monday of each month.

The Board discussed fencing of the bus area and insulation of the present Junior High building. The building has no insulation and they feel that fuel could be saved by insulating.

50 years–July 17, 1969

Mayor A. B. Curtis said plans are underway for a royal welcome to be given the Idaho 116th Combat Engineers on their arrival home from Vietnam the latter part of August.

Appointed to act as chairman for the welcoming committee is Don Ponozzo and assisting him is J. B. Oud. If plans go as proposed the entire town will participate in the welcome. The committee is working with other communities in this area that have boys serving in Vietnam with the116th Combat Engineers. This way all the returning men of the Company will be included in the welcome home events. *

60 years–July 16, 1959

The capitol of Idaho centered here last night with state cabinet and Lieut. Governor William E Drevlow ready for action.

The acting Idaho chief executive recalled the first territorial capital of Idaho was at nearby Pierce.

Later, he said it was moved to Lewiston and then stolen by a group of ambitious southerners and moved to Idaho City. Later it went to Boise.

“However,” Drevlow said, “Tonight we’ve restored the seat of government back to the Clearwater—about 104 years later.” *

70 years–July 21, 1949

Dr. W. F. Robertson, county health officer, and Mrs. Roma Summers, public health nurse, have released the bad news the water of Orofino Creek is contaminated. The health officials made the announcement as a warning to parents who are permitting their children to swim in the creek.

The contamination is caused by toilets and sewers of the Glenwood district which empty directly into the creek. *

80 years–July 21, 1939

Meeting in regular session Monday night city council men took under advisement the application of Zan Jordan to construct a drive-up beer parlor and confectionery on Michigan Avenue between Main and Wisconsin streets.

Councilmen were of the opinion that such a structure would enhance that part of town but a city ordinance now prohibits any more beer licenses to be issued until the present number of ten is reduced to five. A special meeting was decided on to hear protest of residential owners in that vicinity and to determine whether or not a license could be granted.

90 years–July 19, 1929

Roy T. Williams, sexton of the Orofino cemeteries and chief of the Orofino Volunteer Fire Department, having moved to Potlatch six weeks ago, left these two important city positions vacant and the city council invited members of the cemetery association and fire department to their meeting Tuesday evening for the purpose of choosing men to fill the vacancies. There were some twenty interested parties present.

Plans are for the sexton to have full and complete charge of the grave years. His compensation will come from the digging of graves and doing improvement work for various individuals. Applications must be made to him or the city clerk for burial lots which must be paid for in advance, or other satisfactory arrangements. In case an individual had previously purchased a lot a permit must be secured from the city clerk or sexton so that he can secure the work of digging the grave and so that the city will have the proper record of the burial. All arrangements will be completed as soon as possible.*

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