Down Memory Lane

Aretha Chilton was happy to display and talk about her newest craft interest, wooden car models. Lined up here are an alder Ford Woody Wagon, a black walnut Phaeton, Birdseye Maple Walton pickup, and a Ford sport coupe of cherry. Works of art, the models are destined to be family Christmas presents. Clearwater Tribune, July 26, 1990

10 years – July 22, 2010

Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter announced that the Clearwater County community of Pierce will be Idaho’s “Capital for a Day” on Aug. 4.

Governor Otter also will join Mayor Greg Gerot, and other state and local leaders, and community members for lunch at the courtyard across from the old courthouse. The public is encouraged to come to the lunch as well. *

After months of deliberation, community workshop meetings and a certified telephone poll of the school district #171 patrons the school board passed a motion to present to the voters a bond in the amount of $3.85 million. The bond will be used for building and maintenance.

The funds will be used for: *Remodeling kitchen at Orofino Elementary School (OES).

*Bus turn-around at OES.

*Classroom additions at Orofino High School and Timberline School.

Two projects, addition of multi-purpose rooms at Orofino and Timberline, least favored in the survey, were cut from the plans. *

20 years – July 20, 2000

The Bureau of land Management (BLM) will be gathering wild horses from the public rangelands in Idaho during the coming months.

A formal public hearing to receive statements concerning the use of helicopters and motor vehicles during the course of the gather operations. *

30 years – July 26, 1990

What has Aretha Chilton, who, when in high school, crossed the Clearwater River Bridge at Kooskia on a plank so she could play a basketball game, been doing lately?

She’s been spending a lot of time in her basement concentrating on running her band saw, radial saw, sabre saw, and sander. The finished product is one of the most beautiful collections of classic car models ever seen. *

Did you know that there was a group in town called Clearwater Valley Sports, Entertainment and Arts Foundation, Inc., that is working to get an indoor pool built here in Orofino? The group has sought the help of aquatic consultants, Don Carey and Associates, Inc. who have agreed to build a pool and health complex on the site of the present pool.

The consultants will also prepare and submit grant applications that will help fund the project. *

40 years – July 24, 1980

Water rates will be doubled and sewer rates increased five and three-quarters times on the Orofino system if proposed ordinances are passed by Orofino City Council. Riverside users will not be affected.

The water fee increase was based on current operation and maintenance costs and capital improvements needed. *

Clearwater Communications has recently completed work to improve cable TV reception in the Weippe area.

Included in the project is a new antenna, visible from Hwy. 11 just outside of Weippe, and replacement of the equipment building. *

50 years – July 23, 1970

National Guard members have been hard at work the past 10 days rocking the Hollywood-Grangemont road. Approximately 60 five-ton dump trucks are being used by the Guard, hauling an average of 12 to 20 loads per day, per truck.

Members of the county road crew are also assisting on the road by grading the rock, and operating loaders at the rock pits. When they started, there were 6.2 miles of road yet to be rocked.

They anticipate completing about 40% of the project, and will return next summer to finish the job. *

60 years – July 21, 1960

Four juveniles, three girls and a boy were arrested Wednesday evening at Superior, Mont, in a car they had stolen Monday from Orofino, according to police chief William Philpot.

The car was reportedly stolen by two 17-year old Superior girls who formerly lived here.

The boy, 17, also a former resident lives in Spokane and the other girl, 14, lives here. The four were turned over to the FBI. *

The community is happy over the road oiling project, from the swimming beach down to the corner by the store. It will make the street less dusty, Ahsahka is also in the very near future going to have street lights according to the word received from county commissioners. *

70 years – July 20, 1950

Idaho’s Fish and Game department’s legal size fish planting program is already taking the pressure off of native fish in the North Fork and Pierce areas, Leon Murphy, fish biologist at Grangeville reports.

Plantings are moving ahead and will continue until snow flies under the new system started in a small way last year. Fish are raised at the big state hatchery at Hagerman where water conditions are ideal for rapid growth.

Then they are moved to McCall in big 1,500 gallon tankers and given a resting period for a few days before coming on up to the holding ponds at Lapwai.

From Lapwai, two trucks with 150 and 350 gallon tanks are working the streams of district two.

Up through mid-July, the department had planted 987 pounds of rainbow trout and 600 pounds of cutthroat, averaging in length, eight or nine inches and running up to a full pound in weight. Some are even 12 to 14 inches long. *

80 years – July 25, 1940

The two federal prison convicts who escaped Monday afternoon from the Lewis-Clark highway construction camp above Kooskia, were caught yesterday morning as they came back to the Mud Creek Forest Road at the Musselshell Ranger Station.

Sheriff George C. Pankey, who stationed himself at Pierce since the escape, said the prisoners almost walked into the arms of Guards Wilmar Meng and Hanson Jones of the prison camp, who were stationed at the Musselshell.

The officers had previously tracked the escapees into the Mud Creek territory and then took up positions to guard all avenues of escape from the region, knowing the men must soon emerge for food and a change of clothes if they made their escape good. *

90 years – July 25, 1930

High over the dim Lolo Trail, above forests which have seldom seen a white man since Lewis and Clark forged their way down the old Indian route in 1806, an airplane of the AeroTopograph Corporation of America will start flying this week to survey three tentative routes for the Lewis-Clark highway which will run from Missoula through Lewiston to the Pacific.

The experiment is being watched with keen interest over the Pacific coast as it is the first time in the west that a major highway has been surveyed from airplanes. *

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