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Emma Watson (left) receives a surprise St. Therese doll from Kathy Dougherty during mass at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. Dougherty represented the women of St. Theresa’s and St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Kamiah for the presentation. Photo courtesy of Edie Anderson. Taken from Clearwater Tribune Jan. 14, 2010

10 years–Jan. 14, 2010

It started with a little girl’s wish for a very special doll and it became a project that the women from two churches made happen because of collaboration and networking at a Clearwater Human Needs Council (CHNC) meeting.

Edie Anderson made a presentation at the CHNC general council meeting about the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

Anderson was working with Emma Watson of Craigmont on a somewhat unusual wish to meet the Pope in Rome and receive her first communion from him on her seventh birthday. She also wished for a St. Therese doll.

The St. Therese doll was presented to Emma as a surprise during mass at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church July 12, while the congregation watched the fulfilling of a young girl’s heartfelt wish.

Due to her health, Emma was not able to travel to Rome for her seventh birthday. She later received the okay from her doctors, and the trip was rescheduled. *

20 years–Jan. 13, 2000

Six counterfeit $20 bills were passed in Orofino Jan. 4, according to Orofino Police Chief Ron Pomerinke. All the counterfeit bills had the serial number AL 91262569A.

The bogus bill also feels smoother than the real bills. Pomerinke said real bills also have differences if they are held up to light such as a watermark USA and the denomination near one end. New $20 bills, have a second head in shadow. *

30 years–Jan. 11, 1990

Stu Kestner conducted his first meeting as president of the Orofino Chamber of Commerce.

Kestner said a spring steelhead derby is being planned for March. This would be in addition to the ISSU Derby held in November. He emphasized that it would be necessary to keep in touch with the Corps of Engineers to monitor the Dworshak pool level and asked Secretary Janet Kayler to write a letter of appreciation to the Corps for stabilization of pool levels the last few months. *

40 years–Jan. 10, 1980

Dale Sullivan is among students listed in the 1978-79 Issue of Who’s Who Among American High School students. This is the Western Edition which lists students from 13 states and the Pacific Island.

Dales’ accomplishments listed are 4-H Danforth Award, Washington Water Power Co, Scholarship to Idaho 4-H Club Congress, Clearwater Power Top Mechanical Award in Electricity, letter-baseball, intermural sports, Lutheran Church worker and Orofino High School Chorus. *

50 years–Jan. 8, 1970

State Sen. Wm. Crutcher (D-Orofino) is leaving Monday for Boise, to attend the 40th session of the state legislature. This is the first annual session of the state’s governing body. Prior to this the legislature had met bi-annually.

Sen. Crutcher said he expected approximately 800 bills to be considered at this session. He estimated the session would last at least 45 days, and if all 800 bills were considered, it would likely last 60 days. *

Over 70% of the respondents in a professional survey on the time issue in eight major Idaho cities favored the placing of the entire state in one time zone.

In Lewiston 75% of the respondents favored Idaho having one time zone, with the majority favoring Mountain State Time to Pacific Standard Time. The state is now divided into two time zones and the survey showed Mountain State Time being preferred to Pacific Time. *

60 years–Jan. 14, 1960

Three youngsters charged with taking money from the Ahsahka Post Office in a break-in there Dec. 17 were released Saturday to the custody of their parents for a one-year probation period by Probate Judge Ben Bear.

The three children were allowed to stay with their parents over the holidays and were then brought to the juvenile ward of the county jail where they were kept until Saturday. *

70 years–Jan. 5, 1950

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s office during 1949 did a cash business amounting ot $1468.68 in collection of fines and forfeitures, $644.15 in fees, and $3141 in driver’s license.

On the other side of the ledger, 114 arrests were made, while 93 persons served a total of 699 days in the county jail, according to the year-end report released this week by Sheriff V. L. Holloway.

The figures do not include juvenile cases, which are handled by Jack Williams, probation officer.

Sheriff Holloway and his deputies traveled 10,010 miles outside of Clearwater County. This mileage includes such trips as taking prisoners to St. Anthony, patients to Nampa, and bringing prisoners from other points to Orofino. The figure does not include trips to neighboring towns such as Lewiston, Moscow and Grangeville. *

80 years-Jan. 12, 1940

Fortune as shaped by extraneous forces, commonly called Fate or Destiny among us humans, can play disastrous or happy tricks. In the case of Gust (George) Brown Fate did both.

Brown came to Orofino from Liberty, TX, 33 years ago with his mother and family. Three weeks after the Browns came Gust, now known as George Brown, left for Troy Idaho where he worked in a sawmill. He left there shortly afterward for Montana and while employed in the woods sustained a severe injury which resulted in loss of memory.

During Christmas holidays Frank Kress, who had been visiting in Walla Walla, Happened to drop into Brown’s place of business, where he made a purchase. When tax tokens were requested by Brown, Kress remarked that there was nothing like that where he came from. When he told Brown, in answer to his question about his residence, that he lived Idaho, his inquisitor asked what town/ When Kress said “Orofino” that word seemed to have snapped something in Brown’s mind so he detained his customer while he did some thinking as to why that word affected him so,. Then asked many questions. He inquired about the Brown girls and Loseth and unfolded his fateful story.

His two sisters’ established to their own satisfaction that Brown was their brother. This resulted in the family reunion held here last Sunday. *

90 years–Jan. 10, 1930

Beginning Monday the first grade of the Orofino School was divided and half of the pupils are now attending at a room rented from the Methodist church with Miss King of the Lewiston Normal as teacher. Miss Medvid is continuing with half the class in the regular primary building. Up to the Christmas vacation Miss Medvid was handling the entire class of 40 which is twice what is recommended by educational officers and when Miss Hospers was here a couple of months ago it was decided to try to finance an extra teacher and this has been done. *

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