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PRIDE OF WEIPPE –Here are the members of the 1960 Weippe High School basketball team that recently rolled up a 94 point tally in a contest with Reubens. The team’s record stands at 10 wins and 2 losses and it appears the squad will be a strong tournament contender. Front row, left to right: Coach Mel Ruark, Jerry Smolinski, Roy Kingen, Marvin Watts, and Manager Fred Rod. Back: Dick Laws, Larry Hutchins, Lonnie Wilson, Mike McGuire, Larry Judd, Larry Borders and Duane Wise.

10 years–Jan. 28, 2010

When six year old Isaac Stevenson learned of the earthquake in Haiti at school he was determined to make a difference.

Isaac came home and told his parents that they had to sell stuff to make money for the kids in Haiti, because they have no food or water. He even took all the money out of his little bank, a little more than $4, but he was really proud to do it.

When questioned by his mother about why he wanted to do this, he answered “Jesus told me to.” She suggested that they put on a bake food sale at the park to help accomplish his mission.

Isaac has some health problems that will require him to travel to Spokane for some testing and surgery. Instead of worrying about his own issues, he prefers to help others, pretty amazing for a little guy of his age. If for health reasons he is not able to be there (for the bake food sale) family member will be on hand at the park to help Isaac reach his goal of making $100 to send to Haiti. *

20 years–Jan. 27, 2000

Orofino Chamber of Commerce recently surveyed business owners to see what they feel is needed in Orofino. Of those sent out, 83 were returned.

The first question was: “what role should the chamber play in the community?”

Most, 29%, felt the chamber should work on economic development and support and promote existing business.

Fourteen said they do not know what the chamber does and 13% had no response. About 10% said the chamber should continue doing what they do now. *

30 years–Jan. 25, 1990

Steelhead fishermen turned out in higher numbers this past week on the Clearwater River, with Idaho Fish and Game census clerks interviewing nearly 700 anglers. Excellent fishing was the reason for being there. Catch rates jumped up, as this record steelhead season continues to put smiles on the faces of local sportsmen.

The fish were biting well in both the main Clearwater and the North Fork Clearwater. A few steel- headers ventured in the upper river above Orofino and enjoyed fast action there as well. Water temperatures varied from a frigid 32-plus degrees in the upper Clearwater, to 41 degrees in the North Fork Clearwater. *

40 years–Jan. 24, 1980

Orofino Chamber of Commerce members ate a jail meal, and toured the facility and offices of the Orofino Police Department and the Clearwater County Sheriff’s office when they met Jan. 16.

Sheriff Nick Albers praised the cooperation between city police and his department and said this spirit of cooperation makes for a smooth operation and a saving of tax dollars. It is an “unusual operation,” he said. His remarks followed a dinner served in the main jail cell for adult male prisoners. *

50 years–Jan. 22, 1970

Classes at Orofino Junior High School will be closed today and tomorrow because more than 30% of the students and six faculty members are absent due to illness, reports Michael L Cassetto, district superintendent, following consultation with Dr. C.V. Beghtol, county health officer.

To date this is the only school in the district where closure has been necessary, although influenza and bad colds have caused absenteeism at all schools. *

60 years–Jan. 28, 1960

Orofino will soon have a new laundromat, equipped with 12 automatic clothes washers and four dryers, according to the partners in the enterprise, Chuck Musiel and Rex Barstow.

First such installation in the city’s history the machines will be self-operated by users. Musiel, a former teacher and grocer here, was raised at Stites. Barstow came here two years ago from Moscow and has a plumbing business. *

70 years–Jan. 26, 1950

Senator Henry C. Dworshak (R-Idaho) laid the answer to the “acute coal situation” on President Truman’s shoulders. The Senator’s Washington office has received numerous telegrams and letters from Idaho coal dealers and chambers of commerce urging action to relieve the shortage in the state.

“The real bottle-neck results from the fact that President Truman says no emergency exists, and consequently refuses to involve the Taft-Hartley law,” Senator Dworshak explained.

Severe winter weather in Idaho has rapidly drained the limited coal supply resulting from the three-day work week and strikes in the coal mining industry. *

80 years-Jan. 26, 1940

Ronnie, 4 and Janice, 7, children of Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Ball of Weippe vicinity, were brought to the Orofino hospital Sunday with fractured skulls as result of a coasting accident that afternoon. Both children were on the same sled going down a hill intersected by the Pierce-Weippe state highway, on which a collision occurred with a car driven by James D. McCallum, who was traveling toward Weippe. Janice Ball also sustained a fracture of one arm.

Riding with McCallum were Richard Burke, Melvin Marshall and Wayne Marshall. The accident was investigated by Sheriff Geo. C. Pankey and Deputy Walter Snyder. *

According to P. W. Bastine, weather recorder for the Clearwater National Forest, Saturday night the government thermometer reached a minimum of 11 degrees above zero.

This was the coldest so far recorded this winter and was also the minimum temperature reached here last year. *

90 years–Jan. 24, 1930

Lewiston got a taste of Truckee yesterday afternoon when George Stonebraker’s string of bird dogs mushed their way down Main Street passing up cars doing 20 miles an hour. Headed by Jack, big red Irish Setter who has piloted the string to wins in many previous years, was yelping his way down the street at the lead of the pack, the dogs pulling both Stonebaker and Earl Kimball, driver for the string this year. Fred Printz, formerly driver for Stonebraker, is heading a team of his own dogs this year. *

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