Down Memory Lane - Small Fry

SMALL FRY CATCHES BIG FISH – Five year-old Mark Profitt of Orofino, hooked, played and landed this nice steelhead trout in the Clearwater River above Orofino. He was observed by Perk Lyda, steelhead fisherman and guide, who avers that the boy received no help from anyone. His look of pride is deserved. Mark is the son of Robert and Jerri Profitt. Clearwater Tribune, Jan. 9, 1969

10 years - Jan. 8, 2009

An additional 11 inches of snow dumped early this week on top of last week’s 7.52 inches has piled misery on misery for residents of Clearwater County. County Sheriff Deputy Chris Goetz said they are averaging two traffic accidents a day, which isn’t too bad considering the weather.

Having served 30 years as treasurer of Orofino Celebrations, John Goffinet says two primary things motivate his community service. “The sense of accomplishment when you get the show successfully finished,” he says with a smile, “that’s a good feeling to put on an event that big.” And “the friendships that you make with the people you work with. That’s why you keep doing it, is because of the people you work with.”

20 years – Jan. 14, 1999

When Representative Chuck Cuddy and Senator Marguerite McLaughlin go to the Idaho legislature this year it is with the hopes that their work will make a difference for District 7.

The Board of County Commissioners approved writing Sen. Larry Craig to request that the Federal government assume ownership of Dent Bridge as the county can’t afford to maintain it.

30 years – Jan. 12, 1989

Heavy snow and gusty winds downed power lines and trees, resulting in extensive power loss throughout Clearwater County.

In Orofino, trees were reported blocking the roads or crushing power lines in Riverside, on Upper Fords Creek and on Main, Michigan and College avenues. Several residents reported seeing a glow in the sky, apparently caused by arcing power lines.

Two major problems confronting the Clearwater County Commissioners this year are where to jail juveniles and the location site for a landfill.

40 years – Jan. 11, 1979

Orofino’s seven-day siege of zero or below temperatures ended after a protracted wave of Artic weather hung over North Idaho. Actually the cold stretch has been the longest since 1949 when there were 13 days of zero or below recorded with a minimum of 16 below.

Whether one builds a home board by board or one brings it to the building site completely constructed, the person is still required to get a permit. The fee is $15. The fee for a permit to build is based on the actual cost of the structure.

50 years - Jan. 9, 1969

Project to widen and improve Gilbert Grade on Idaho Highway 7 between Orofino and Nezperce is making some progress with eight state men and four equipment operators using rented machines. Work was hampered by snow and subzero weather, but will resume as conditions permit.

Hutchins Lumber Inc., at Weippe is installing a new head saw adjacent to its present mill, a Stetson-Ross No. 2 designed for cutting small logs up to 14 inches in diameter. Built in Seattle, the new saw is similar to the one used at PFI in Lewiston and will bring the company investment up to about $300,000.

60 years – Jan. 8, 1959

A dozen men under foreman Andy Linden, now living at Ahsahka, are making the 100 to 450 foot-long test holes along the axis of the proposed dam, 1000 feet below Bruce’s Eddy on the North fork of the Clearwater.

Two transistor radios, stolen from Servatius Jewelry were returned last week in the mail. Both of them damaged. The radios, wrapped in brown paper and sealed with Christmas tape were dumped in the Orofino Post Office with a 50-cent piece scotch-taped to the package for postage.

Postmaster Melvin Snook said he figured the necessary postage, taped the change back onto the package and assigned it for delivery.

Harold Servatius said neither of the radios were useable.

70 years – Jan. 13, 1949

A total of 118 cases of polio-myelitus were reported in the state during 1948 in comparison with 353 cases of the disease reported during 1947.

Orofino people can get out their skates now, with the construction of an ice arena at Memorial park in progress. The skating rink is being built by the Jaycees, Roy Johnson and Roy Haines supervising the work. Jess Wolverton cleared snow from the rink area with a snow plow and Jaycees sprinkled the snow banks on the sides to form an ice wall for a water container. Plans are to have a skating surface ready by tonight.

80 years – Jan. 13, 1939

Samuel Swayne, retiring prosecuting attorney of Clearwater county, moved into his new office the first of the week to engage in private practice of law. His three room quarters are located on Michigan avenue just east of Oud’s Pharmacy.

The old steam operated electric generating plant, located just west of the Headquarters branch railway crossing on Michigan avenue in Glenwood, was sold two weeks ago to the Spokane Metals company by the Washington Water Power company. Thus will end local history of one of Orofino’s oldest institutions. Back in 1908, l. C. Bole first installed a water wheel generating plant on the site to supply Orofino with electric lights.

90 years – Jan. 11, 1929

In view of the probable development by the federal government of inland waterways, the Governor thinks Idaho should be prepared to join with Oregon and Washington in asking the government to develop the Snake and Colombia rivers for the reduction of freight costs.

The unique experience of going to the stage depot to meet her brother and not recognize him, although he and his wife arrived on the stage and were looking for her, but did not recognize the sister, occurred to Mrs. S. S. Hinkle when the visitors, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Webb, of Idaho, arrived in Hanford for an extended visit.

The Webbs were compelled to set out alone for the Hinkle home on East Ivy an there met the sister who had returned home disappointed.

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