10 years – Jan. 29, 2009

When newly elected Sheriff Chris Goetz was sworn into office Jan. 12, it was the culmination of a 10 year career in law enforcement, all of it in Clearwater County.

The Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public to suspicious activity this past week. Two separate calls reported that an unidentified male knocked on their door. When the home owner responded, the man thrust an Arm and Hammer baking soda box toward them.

One resident reported the unidentified man saying he got paid for every contact, at another residence the owner said that the man wanted to demonstrate a vacuum cleaner. The man was not allowed to enter either residence.

20 years – Feb. 4, 1999

Peck residents overwhelmingly approved a water improvement bond. The vote was 79 in favor of the bond to 10 opposed.

Adult Learning Center volunteer honored as State Literacy Teacher of the Year. Jeff Houck was recently honored as the Teacher of the Year by the Idaho Coalition of Adult Literacy. Jeff teaches in Orofino, Weippe, and Grangeville.

Jeff is a board member of the Adult Learning Center. His calm manner and sincere belief in partnership efforts have helped extend services. He designed and help set up the new computer lab.

30 years - Jan. 26, 1989

Advertisements for bids on the construction of the new fish hatchery at Ahsahka will be delayed until early summer, the Orofino City Council was told Tuesday night.

The construction of the hatchery is tied into the city’s new water system and hydroelectric project.

Mayor Roy Clay said he was first told the bids wouldn’t be let out until early July. However, a later meeting was held between a Corps of Engineers representative and an aide to Idaho Representative Jim McClure. The Corps promised to try to move the advertising date ahead.

The Orofino Police Department has moved into their new quarters in the top floor of the Curtis Building. Chief Ferice Childers reported all city police officers have taken IdaHost training. The training was designed to prepare Idahoans for the upcoming centennial year.

Four Orofino Boy Scouts, with their leader John Garrison, attended the council meeting. The scouts were fulfilling requirements for their Citizenship Badge.

40 years - Jan. 25, 1979

Threat of cutbacks due to the passage of the 1% initiative is hampering efforts to Police Chief James Pishl to bring his department to full strength, according to the annual report issued to Orofino City Council members this week.

Pishl said applicants liked Orofino and the department here, but did not like the chance of losing the job in October. The department is now short one man.

There were 134 adult prisoners booked into the Clearwater County Jail through Orofino police activities in 1978. This is 14 more than in 1977. There were 83 juveniles apprehended in 1978 compared to 95 in 1977.

There were 133 traffic accidents reported in 1978 compared with 115 the previous year.

50 years –Jan. 23, 1969

Robert Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Brown of Fraser, will appear on KLEW-TV, Channel 3 at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 26, with Nez Perce county delegates to the national 4-H Club Congress in Chicago.

The half-hour program will feature interviews with five delegates, film strip of the Chicago congress and explanation of the 4-H program, according to Norman Fitzsimmons, Clearwater county agent.

Rep. Orval Hansen announced this week that he would oppose any move to increase pay of Congressmen.

Hansen said that a Congressional pay raise, recommended by the president becomes effective unless rejected by Congress within 30 days.

“Congress should set an example by tightening its own belt and rejecting any pay raise recommended by the President.” Hansen said.

60 years - Jan. 31, 1959

The little community of Cardiff Spur between Pierce and Headquarters ushered in the New Year with a bang—a BIG BANG, reports Mrs. Maude Vaughan, Tribune correspondent.

The Harold DeForest and Dallas Marshall families of Headquarters and the Hank Spencer family of Hollywood were at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hohnsteine when it was decided to usher in the New Year with some noise.

The men, Mrs. Vaughan said, set off some “old blasting power” in a field at what they consider as safe distance.

They got noise aplenty, but spent the next day replacing $50 worth of shattered window glass in their own and neighbor’s homes. No one was injured, but the jar was felt as far away as Headquarters.

70 years - Jan. 27, 1949

Dick Christopherson, Orofino, escaped from the cab of his heavy logging truck. It rolled off a 25-foot bank and into the Clearwater River.

Christopheson said he was driving close to the edge of the road in order to give clearance to oncoming cars. He drove the truck to close to the north side and plunged into the river.

Neither Christopherson nor the equipment he was hauling were damaged.

80 years – Jan. 27, 1939

According to Harold A. Taylor, of the department of public assistance, social security checks, covering old age, dependent children and the blind, are delayed this month. In all probability they will be here at the end of this week or early next week.

90 years – Feb. 1, 1929

Keep all household equipment off the floor as much as possible. Put a screw-eye in the tip of the handles of brushes and brooms and let them hang instead of stand on the floor.

Raising animals for food is enormously wasteful, a Danish expert insists. One beef ox will eat in three years, he says, grain and other useful food that would suffice six men. Yet the carcass of the slaughtered ox will keep one man alive for only 100 days: Indicating that cattle raising sacrifices vegetable food sufficient for 20 men to produce animal food enough for only one.

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