10 years – Jan. 15, 2009

North Central Idaho has again been hit with exceptionally high snowfall. The ICI-O Givens Hall Work Projects crews once more found an opportunity to do some community service in the town of Pierce. Crews of offenders were brought to the town to help with critical snow removal from the roof of the elementary school.

“We are not looking at closing Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino,” said Brent Reinke, Director of the Department of Corrections in Boise. “We are looking at cost analysis to see what the financial savings would be if ICI-O were to become a private operation. If this were to happen employees would work for a private firm rather than the state.”

Reinke is talking about the 550 plus bed Orofino prison, opened in 1984, that employs 160 persons.

20 years – Jan. 21, 1999

Commissioner Bud Bonner made a presentation to renovate Fraser Park. The park will be important to the tourists coming into the area for the Lewis Clark Bicentennial. He is seeking grants as the County does not have funds to make the renovations.

Construction is underway at the Orofino Golf Club to enhance the facilities for the upcoming season. The club house is being expanded to accommodate 980 square feet of upstairs seating, 1620 square feet of handicap facilities and a service bar for catering and buffets.

Clark Burnham is the designer and main contractor. Golf club members are doing the construction under his direction and supervision.

30 years – Jan. 19, 1989

Fire stamped finality on an Orofino landmark built in 1929. The impressive structure at the end of Johnson Avenue housed the Orofino Hospital and in more recent years, School district 171 offices. Last year the district exchanged the building for land with Clearwater County Commissioners who plan to use the open space for a parking lot.

The building included a very modern surgery and maternity rooms with the latest equipment.

40 years – Jan. 18, 1979

X. E. “Bus” Durant was honored by members of the Pierce City Council and employees of city Hall for his 23 years of service to the City of Pierce. Durant resigned as mayor to assume his duties as Clearwater County Commissioner, the post to which he was elected this past November.

January moisture neared the one-inch mark but clearing skies and warmer trends promised a respite from some 15 to 20 inches of snow cover that persisted for the past 10 days.

50 years – Jan. 16, 1969

For the first time this year police noted isolated cases and complaints of the possession and use of dangerous drugs among young people. Enforcement and education were used to curtail this activity as much as possible.

Idaho still has significant numbers of people who have to be hospitalized every year for the treatment of tuberculosis. Despite this, the outpatient clinic program is increasing in importance because this is where the greater emphasis is now being placed in tuberculosis prevention.

60 years – Jan. 15.1959

Chief William Philpot announced that a No U Turn sign has been designated at the high school – VFW club corner on Michigan. The chief said tickets will be issued to high school drivers who persist in driving over the sidewalk onto muddy school grounds.

City councilmen eased away from any precipitate action on a new subdivision ordinance and approved the new J. Miles Realty company subdivision under existing city regulations. The new 51 lot addition to the community was presented for the first time to the council in its platted form and will embrace all of the area from Gorman’s addition to the Dunlap road north of Highway 7, in the old State Hospital garden lands. It will be one of the finest residential areas of the city.

70 years – Jan. 20, 1949

A resolution asking for a rotary plow to permit continued highway communication for the upper Clearwater communities with the outside world, was approved by the chamber. Ed Gaffney, stage drive owner operating the route to Headquarters said that the thoroughfare is constantly narrowing down and that depths on the roads keep increasing so that no drainage will be available for spring runoff except down the middle of the highway.

The old myth that mumps cannot come twice was soundly exploded in Orofino this winter. In fact, one girl has had them three times.

Merlejean, nine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Grasser, had a severe case of mumps shortly after reaching her first birthday. She was swollen on both sides. When she had them again she was four, and the now fourth grade student is getting over them a third time. Her brother, Billy and sister, Rosie are sick with mumps this week.

80 years – Jan. 20 1939

In contrast to most counties of the state, Clearwater county shows a sharp increase in school census, from 1372 students in 1919 to 1762 in 1934. Most counties show a decrease, attributed by school authorities to smaller families in recent years.

The county boasted 25 one-room schools, with an average salary for teachers of $777.28, as compared with an average teacher’s salary of $1059.58 in the four-teacher schools and $945 in the eight-teacher schools.

90 years – Jan. 18, 1929

The close of the first week of the 20th Idaho legislature found both houses completely organized, all committees named and ready to start on the problems of government that are to occupy their attention for the next seven weeks.

The benefits of winter hauling are now being tried by many. By running the tractor over the road the snow will be packed down pretty well which will enable stock to be taken in and maintenance work started earlier in the spring.

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