Down Memory Lane - Gift to the Hospital

A gift to the hospital is this 21-inch TV set donated by the Harold Kinney Post 3296, Veterans of Foreign Wars. The set is installed in the solarium for the benefit of those patients who are not confined to their beds. At right, adjusting the set, is Leo Choate, VFW committeeman, and Walter Harris, Clearwater Valley Hospital administrator. Clearwater Tribune, Jan. 22, 1969

10 years – Jan. 22, 2009

According to owner Chris Wagner, a recent article on the Rex Theatre has resulted in quite a turnaround. Increase in attendance, along with information received via email, has shown that people are generally concerned.

Many patrons wrote to say that knowing the dates of upcoming shows would be particularly helpful. In response to that need, the theatre has launched a website featuring upcoming shows.

20 years - Jan. 28, 1999

Peck voters will go to the polls to decide on a proposed $325,000 bond issue to build a new water filtration system and 240,000 gallon water storage tank.

Thousands of people are expected to come to this area in the next several years to commemorate the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial and that causes concern for the protection of the Lolo Motorway, which is along part of the route.

The Lolo Motorway is the longest piece of the Lewis and Clark route that is still in the same shape as it was 200 years ago.

30 years – Jan. 26, 1989

Clearwater County Commissioners Don Ponozzo and Jim Wilson visited the slide area 2.3 miles above Weseman Cemetery on Grangemont Road.

State Engineer Pat Lichtfield advised the commissioners to keep filling the area with gravel until it dries in the spring and then move the road over one lane and do away with the outside area where the slide is occurring.

The Orofino Police Department has moved into their new quarters in the top floor of the Curtis Building.

40 years - Jan. 25, 1979

Heavier demand for residential rather than commercial property sites in Orofino was one of the conclusions indicated in the annual summary of Idaho building construction compiled by First Security Bank of Idaho. Residential costs were 50 times that of commercial building in Orofino for last year.

Five fire calls were made by the Orofino Volunteer Fire Department during the past week. Two involved improperly installed stoves which became overheated and a third involved a chimney fire.

50 years Jan. 23, 1969

Some 60 local residents heard varied big game discussions with state fish and game leaders at a public meeting held at the White Pine building. The department is proposing to the legislature that a fee of $1 be charged for a salmon card and a fee of $1 be charged for a steelhead card.

They feel the salmon and steelhead fishermen should help pay their own way a little more. It was noted that there are about 300,000 fishermen in Idaho and only about 50,000 of them fish for salmon and/or steelhead. As it stands now, the 250,000 fishermen are paying most of the bill.

Snow conditions are right for another flood this year if weather turns to warm steady rain in the higher elevation, according to Norm Fitsimmons, county extension agent and Cliff Anderson with the soil conservation service.

60 years – Jan. 22, 1969

The library at State Hospital North has just received six boxes of books from the library in Weippe, by the courtesy of Mrs. Fezatt. The library at SHN was first organized as a library in March of 1958 and the ground work was done by two women patients, both teachers by profession.

One of these women had taken a course in library methods at the University of Idaho, so was especially qualified to handle the initial work.

Both women have now secured outside positions, one after having spent 20 years here. While they are enjoying the freedom of being on their own they have not been forgotten by the hospital or their friends here.

Michael White, charged with being drunk, was given a 10 day suspended jail sentence on condition he leave town.

70 years – Jan. 27, 1949

The Clearwater County Fair Board outlined a building program, which with actual fair expenses, calls for a budget of $8,000 during 1949.

Five fires, two pairs of which came in simultaneous calls, marked up the heaviest fire suppression chores in the history of Orofino. Damages estimated at $15,000 were sustained at the Jordan apartment buildings as the major blaze of the series while the other four alarms were of minor nature.

Record low temperatures of 16 below zero froze hoses, leaving the Jordan building and what was left of its interior furnishings in ice, to add to the loss.

80 years – Jan. 27, 1939

Highway projects, removal from Idaho of Indian relics and curios at Spalding Mission, beautification of a plot of ground at the north approach to the new Orofino bridge, additional safety measures to protect traffic at the Camas Prairie railroad crossing north of the bridge, occupied attention at the Orofino Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Teakean - Carroll Groseclose took a load of oats to Orofino, when he attempted to shift gears on Swain hill. Somehow the car started backwards down the hill, picking up considerable speed and bumped into a truck coming up the grade. The truck was forced into the ditch where both vehicles had to be pulled out by a passing truck. No real damage was done and no one was hurt.

90 years – Jan. 25, 1929

The first appreciable amount of snow for the winter fell over the entire Clearwater section, when a coating of two and one-half inches was recorded. The following day another six inches fell.

Ordinary mild winter weather had been experienced up to that time, but the thermometer went to seven degrees below zero, which was followed by 13.5 below zero, the coldest day recorded for the winter.

Buford and Jim Boyd of Nezperce came to spend a few days with their uncle, Walter Umphrey, a carpenter who has been working on the new hospital.

On the Gilbert hill, their car became stalled and while working in the snow to fix it, Buford froze one of his feet and is around town on crutches. He received treatment at the hospital, and while his foot was badly frozen, it is believed it will heal up satisfactorily.

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