Down Memory Lane - cartoon

This cartoon was taken from the Clearwater Tribune, Feb. 16, 1940.

10 years–Feb.18, 2010

Four years ago, when she was barely nine years old, Anna Beatrice Grimanldo captured the hearts and imaginations of our small town by making it all the way to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. For the next three years, Anna, now an eighth grader at Orofino Junior High School, dominated the local spelling scene and lorded it over the Regional level and thrice represented the region in the nationals.

Feb. 10 Anna asserted herself for the last time as one of the best spellers of School District 171 by besting seven other kids from Peck Elementary School, Orofino Elementary School and High School to emerge as a four-time consecutive spelling champion, a record that will stand for a long time at the district level. *

20 years–Feb. 17, 2000

Seventh and eighth grade students at Timberline High School (THS) moved into their new classrooms Feb. 4.

The new facility has four classrooms, two restrooms, student lockers and upstairs storage. Finishing touches including the concrete facing a covered breezeway will be finished during spring break or in the summer when students are gone, according to Superintendent Alan Felgenhauer.

The students had been attending school in temporary modular classrooms since September 1999. The students were moved to THS from schools in Pierce and Weippe to meet funding guidelines from the State Department of Education. *

30 years–Feb. 15, 1990

Besides passing a resolution authorizing a special override levy for $85,000 a year for street maintenance, the Orofino City Council made a decision Tuesday to strictly enforce the no parking signs on both side of Bartlett Ave., between Glenwood IGA and the Orofino Elementary School.

The width of Barlett Ave., is too narrow to safely accommodate traffic when vehicles park on both sides. *

40 years–Feb. 14, 1980

Winner of the Kiss Contest is a Mystery Woman. A winner was chosen Tuesday and she was unable to be located in time for her picture to be taken for this issue. For this reason, her identity will remain a mystery until disclosure in the Feb.21 issue of the Tribune. *

50 years–Feb. 12, 1970

State Senator Wm. Crutcher in his weekly report, said he has received several letters and two petitions to date, concerning the time situation in Northern Idaho. A great majority of the letters and both petitions, favor Mountain Standard Time with no Daylight Savings Time. This would be equivalent to having Daylight Saving time the year around under the present set-up.

Sen. Crutcher said that as yet no action had been taken on HB 427, the bill proposing changes in annexation laws. *

60 years–Feb. 18, 1960

Phillip Marsh said he doubted if there would be much traffic permitted through the Lewis-Clark Highway this summer because of a contract for widening from Powell to the Montana line. He said decision is still remote on the location of the highway from Whitebird up out of the canyon to Winchester. *

70 years–Feb.16, 1950

Further consideration of a proposed changed in medical care for county indigents has been tabled by the county commissioners.

The proposed plan, outlined to the board Friday by Leslie McCarthy, representing the Medical Service Bureau of Lewiston, would have placed the responsibility for hospital and medical care of county patients upon the bureau instead of upon a county physician as under the present plan,

The proposed plan would have given county patients greater leeway in choice of doctors and hospitals.

The matter was tabled when the county attorney advised the board of county commissioners that such a contract with the Medical Services bureau would be illegal. *

80 years-Feb. 16, 1940

Governor C.A.

Bottolfsen today proclaimed Feb. 12-22 as Americanism week and national defense week in Idaho and Feb. 18 as citizenship day.

The time encompasses birthday of both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

In his proclamation on Americanism and citizenship, made at the request of the Idaho State Junior Chamber of Commerce, Bottolfsen urged “that every citizen, young an old, give due consideration to his duty and obligations to Idaho and the United States and reaffirm his pledge to allegiance.

In that on national defense he called attention to present armed conflicts in the world and declared “adequate national preparedness is worthy of the keen study of our citizens * * *.” *

90 years–Feb. 14, 1930

T. B. West, for a quarter of a century a practicing lawyer of Lewiston, and wife arrived here last week to make their home. Mr. West has opened a law office in the I. O. O. F. building and has started practice. He has visited Orofino many times and has a wide acquaintance in this county. The Lewiston Tribune of February 5th says:

“Attorney T. B. west and wife are leaving today for Orofino where they will make their future home. Mr. West owns the Dent farm 15 miles up the North Fork from Ahsahka. He expects to open a law office at Orofino, and be located where he can conveniently look after his ranch interests at the same time. He has been a resident here for 30 years, and is one of the oldest practicing lawyers in this region, having been in such practice for 25 years. He claims to hold a record, in obtaining 304 divorces during the period of his practice.” *

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