Down Memory Lane - the city survived

THE CITY SURVIVED its first ice jam of the year which hit the Johnson Ave. bridge area, momentarily backing up on the banks of Kiwanis Park and the water office. The jam was soon sucked under the bridge and had a clear path to the river by virtue of early county efforts on channel clearing. County efforts also succeeded in breaking up jams on about five miles of the creek up to the Harmony Heights bridge crossing, leaving the stream unobstructed. Clearwater Tribune, Feb. 15, 1979

10 years – Feb. 19, 2009

When Bob Carlock retires from C-PTPA this month, he will be leaving behind “the best job I ever had,” one he has had for 22 years. Although he’s leaving his job at C-PTPA, Carlock will be far from retired.

Congratulations to Timberline Spelling Bee winners! Classroom Bee winners are Christine Mowery, Tristen Bonner, Kylan Kikuyama, Tori skiles, Elizabeth Fitz-water, Drew Mowery and Erin Sellers.

20 years – Feb. 18, 1999

A drive by shooting at the Robin Vessey residence 17 miles north of Kamiah on Carrot Ridge is still under investigation according to Idaho County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO).

One of the occupants of the residence, Melvin McPherson, 37, was injured by a bullet fired into the house. The bullet sruck McPherson in the leg. He was transported to Clearwater Valley Hospital and then on to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Lewiston. He is listed in stable condition.

30 years – Feb. 16, 1989

Debbie Manfull has been promoted to Assistant Administrator at State Hospital North (SHN), Marvin Lambrecht is Administrator. Debbie was first employed at SHN in 1973 as a student trainee. She resigned in 1974 after graduation at Orofino High School to attend the University of Idaho, where she earned her B.S. Business degree in 1978 and M.B.A. in 1980. She was re-employed at SHN in 1981.

The Pierce pool would like to be open in April but they need 60 memberships in order to do so. So far only four memberships have been purchased. The reason they need 60 memberships is because it costs so much to get the initial boost for the pool to be heated.

40 years – Feb. 15, 1979

A man posing as country western singer Johnny Rivers was apprehended in Jerome for forgery of two of the six checks he stole from the Ideal Trailer Homes while owner Francis Steffes was on the lot showing a mobile home to Rivers’ supposed daughter.

50 years - Feb. 20, 1969

Jon Altmiller, 12, was hero of a five man fishing expedition up the North Fork with a two boat group getting their limit of 10 steelhead. Jon’s catch weighed in at 20 and 18 pounds each to the top of the list. Others in the party were Jake and Roy Altmiller, Jean Jones, and Jon’s younger brother Jerry, 10.

WEIPPE-John Miles of the “Whispering Pines” Dairy, narrowly escaped serious injury enroute to Lewiston with the milk truck. He was making a curve on the Greer grade and struck an icy patch while passing a Kamiah Mills lumber truck. Miles said the milk truck started sliding, caught the back of the trailer, traveled up the back and turned over spilling 2,300 pounds of milk. The truck was almost completely demolished. John was badly bruised and shook up.

60 years Feb. 19, 1959

Too many dimes and a police radio conversation proved the downfall of two Weippe juveniles, and as a result were apprehended for breaking into the Weippe high school and held for action under the Youth Rehabilitation Act.

Improvements planned at the cemetery during 1959 include purchase of a pump and installation of an irrigation system to provide better care for graves and make the city burial ground as beautiful as possible.

Sale of lots was discontinued at the Hill cemetery virtually full, by order of the council. Cost of infant graves no more than three feet long, raised from $10 to $15 along with the other charges.

70 years – Feb. 17, 1949

Camas Prairie railroad crews have been fighting the worst snow conditions on record in efforts to restore logging train service to Headquarters, after a week’s interval.

The logger was stranded last Friday from derailment and ran out of oil. After a PFI snow plow was borrowed to clear the tracks and extra engines sent in there was another derailment at O’Mill and engines were again tied up without oil. More rescue engines were sent but they suffered a derailment at Jaype and Wednesday there were two dead engines and a caboose tied up with a PFI snow plow there.

With seven feet of snow at Headquarters, Howard Bradbury, logging superintendent said movement of logs has been particularly difficult. All camps have slowed down by the delays and were out of empties, but sawing is still continuing.

80 years – Feb. 17, 1939

The city council adopted a plan prepared by J. B. Gardner, president of the chamber of commerce and manager of the Rex Theatre, and T. F. Edwards, city engineer for improving Memorial park, owned by the city.

A baseball diamond, bleachers, a grandstand, swimming pool, wading pool, tennis courts, driveways, public camp ground or tourist park are included.

The “Glenwood Fire Protection District,” asked for by petition of taxpayers affected, was created by the board of county commissioners following a hearing at which there were no protests against its formation.

90 years – Feb. 15, 1929

Orofino can now boast of one of the most modern and best equipped hospitals in any town its size or larger in the entire northwest. The new building of the Western Hospital Association was opened and placed under active operation, following the transfer of 22 patients from the old hospital. The opening was delayed several days on account of the late arrival of furnishings and equipment which were expected sooner.

A petition presented to the city council asked for the extending of Johnson avenue from its intersection with Michigan avenue, north past the new Orofino hospital to Jacks street which dead ends in Lot 1, Block 3, Blake’s Add. The petition was signed by the Western Hospital Association, Samson Snyder, Clearwater county commissioners and others, and would give hospital and court house, also Mr. Snyder an outlet at the rear of their lots.

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