Down Memory Lane

HUGE PENSTOCK TUBES, 19 feet in diameter, in place on the lower level of Dworshak Dam. Workers are “green cutting” the concrete surface and preparing for another pouring operation. To date a total of 2,557,000 yards of concrete has been poured at the dam, being built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District, on the North Fork of the Clearwater River near Ahsahka. Power-in-line is planned for November 1972. This photo was taken from the Clearwater Tribune, February 5, 1970.

10 years–Feb.11, 2010

Orofino High School students Monique Stamper and Steven Elsbury recently participated in the National Pole Vault Summit held in Reno, Nevada. They were joined by Clearwater Valley High School student Jonathon Paul.

Attending coaching workshops at the event were Elvin Pffefferkorn and Scott Schochler of Orofino. All participated in clinics and the students each competed while at the event. Elsbury and Paul both competed well during their workshops. Monique Stamper won her workshop competition and set a new school record of 10 feet, one inch, as well as breaking her own record, which she set during the 2009 track and field season. *

20 years–Feb. 10, 2000

Searching for family history and genealogy gas become one of the favorite hobbies in the country in recent years.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opened its Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1894. It has become the largest of its kind in the world. However, because not everyone is able to come to Salt Lake to use the library, most of its extensive holding are accessible at Family History Centers sponsored by the Genealogical Society of Utah. *

30 years–Feb. 8, 1990

Dave Bertelsen, assistant project manager at the Clearwater Fish Hatchery construction site, said Monday excavation work started two weeks ago on the construction site located below Dworshak National Fish Hatchery on the Clearwater River.

Bertelsen said action is to start within the next two to three weeks on the utility construction. Concrete work will begin in mid-March. *

40 years–Feb. 7, 1980

Clarification of prices being paid for Wild and Scenic river easements along the middle Fork of the Clearwater River has been offered by Nezperce Forest Supervisor Don Bibbison following publication of data on two recent court decisions.

The easement proceedings went into Federal court to determine proper values for the land along the river and Judge Ray McNichols ruled in two cases that the Forest Service offers for the perpetual restrictions on the land were slightly less than what the court found to be the fair compensation values. The program cost is not over $2 million.

Meanwhile, Bob Ewing, Clearwater Forest lands staff officer, reports that to date, the Clearwater-Nezperce Forest Wild River program has taken 92 scenic easements, made on a “willing seller” basis at a cost of $1,788,880 for 2750 acres. In addition they have acquired eight tracts in fee title for $141,070, including the land owned by Jack Albert at Maggie’s Bend which will become a small visitor’s center. Acreage in the fee land is 101 acres. *

50 years–Feb. 5, 1970

Official name of the lake to be created behind Dworshak Dam is Dworshak Reservoir, and congressional action would be necessary for any change, Senator Len B. Jordan reports.

In a letter to R. D. Werner the senator cited word from Lt. Col. Kenneth E McIntyr of the Corps of Engineers that both the dam and reservoir had been named when the Bruce’s Eddy project was authorized in 1962. Thus both were changed to honor the late Idaho Senator Henry Dworshak after his death.

This clarification by the Corps seems to obviate any need for a change in the name of the lake Werner said. Some of the suggestions were made because it was thought the Army was asking for a new name for the new body of water to be created in 1972. *

60 years–Feb. 11, 1960

Ten years service for Hank Hallam, fireman at State Hospital North ended in January when he retired at the age of 66.

A pioneer plumber in Orofino since 1920, Mr. Hallam was in charge of city water operations for 22 years before he began working in the heating department at the hospital. He was born Aug. 20, 1894 in Nebraska and came to Moscow in 1902. His father, George Hallam worked at the University of Idaho buildings staff for 46 years retiring during the war at 62.

Hank served the 91st engineers in World War 1. His wife, Olive Hallam, is a senior employee in years of service at the Orofino Post Office, her service dating back to March 15, 1926. *

70 years–Feb. 9, 1950

Perusal of the Clearwater County budget for 1950 and pending county and state road programs got attention of Chamber of Commerce members Tuesday.

R, H. Oud, acting as chairman, was authorized to name a committee to confer with county commissioners to before or at the regularly scheduled budget hearing on Monday, Feb. 13 at 2:30 p.m. to see if some reductions in fund limits could be attained. Study of the county figures indicated that the county board budget practice is to make available all unexpended funds for the coming year in case of emergency.

General feeling of the business men was that such items as the county hospital fund, and court house improvement fund could be lowered to a figure more in line with past costs.

The chamber voted to ask Judge A L. Morgan to expedite a hearing on right of way for the Whiskey Creek road, assigning the court hearing to another district judge if necessary. *

80 years-Feb. 9, 1940

D. F. Chenoweth was fined $1 by Police Judge John Scott Tuesday for failing to stop at an occupied school crossing. City Police Chief Chas. Crumpacker made the arrest.

Vehicle operators are warned that they should be at all times stop at street intersection where school crossings are maintained. School boy patrols are constantly on the watch for offenders of the rules and they turn their license numbers over to local officers who in turn make arrests. *

90 years–Feb. 7, 1930

During the past week A. L. Wallace has been employed giving the Oud-Shields Hardware building a new coat of Kalsomine. Last summer at the time of the fire the ceiling especially was soiled and has been none too attractive since. The recent work brightens up the interior wonderfully. *

The weather during the past week has been exceptionally moderate with some rainfall. The figures for the week are as follows: Thursday, maximum 35, minimum 18, .02 inch rainfall; Friday 44, 31, .20 rainfall; Saturday, 36, 32, .57 rainfall; Sunday, 46, 31, .10 rainfall; Monday, 49, 22; Tuesday, 56, 32. *

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