10 years – Feb. 12, 2009

Idaho Fish and Game fisheries manager are anticipating spring and summer chinook run that could be the largest in more than 30 years. According to Sam Sharr, fisheries biologist with Idaho Fish and Game, “If (the prediction) comes to fruition, this is the second biggest run in the last three decades.

Warden Terema Carlin, Idaho Correctional Institute- Orofino who has been with the department for 12 years, but has spent less than two months at the Orofino facility, addressed concerns about possible privatization or closure of the prison, an issue she faced within a week of beginning her position at Orofino.

20 years – Feb. 11, 1999

Correctional Officer John Erbst addressed the council to offer the help of inmate laborers to remove timber from the slide areas along Orofino Creek that are hazards if there is high runoff this year.

Orin “Lee” Squire has been named Magistrate Judge for Clearwater County in the Second Judicial Court. Squire replaces Pat Costello who lost a re-election bid last November.

30 years – Feb. 9, 1989

A newly constructed three-story house at 1020 Wells Bench Road burned to the ground within 45 minutes. The owners, Cliff and Darlene Miller escaped with only the clothes they were wearing. It was not in a fire district, so the house was not insured. There was no water available at the house as the pipes had been frozen by the zero temperatures which occurred the week before.

Preparing for automation at the library is a matter of placing barcodes on every book in the library and then entering the book date information into the computer. Patron information including name, address and other data will also be entered into the computer.

40 years – Feb. 8, 1979

The Idaho House of Representatives passed by a comfortable margin a bill calling for a $2,500 feasibility study on establishing a women’s prison at Orofino. It would be located in the State Hospital North complex.

The January edition of Track & Field News magazine shows that former Orofino athlete Jim McGoldrick had the eighth best discus throw in the world for the 1978 season.

McGoldrick who now lives and trains in Cupertino, CA, feels he has a reasonable chance to make one of the three spots for the 1980 U.S. Olympic team.

50 years – Feb. 13, 1969

Overcoming the hardships of logging in six feet of snow, J. E. Hall Company loggers achieved outstanding January performance in the Kelly Creek ranger district by equaling any month’s output for the district last summer. Forest Service sales administered in the district showed logging of 6.5 million board feet of timber in January.

Work force on the dam project which has been idle for eight weeks will build up to about 300 men by next week and should get back to a 700 man level by March, if weather conditions improve.

60 years – Feb. 12, 1959

Mayor A. B. Curtis said he is getting increased pressure for airport runway surfacing which will have to be done on a force account basis, but that he hopes to get Forest service and CTPA help for a joint endeavor to make the field more usable.

During the 1957 season, every licensed angler in Idaho caught an average of about 80 fish for a whopping total of 16,390,000 combined total for all species. That is just one figure taken from a very interesting statistical report based on information obtained from the annual questionnaires mailed to eight percent of all persons who fish in Idaho during a given year.

70 years – Feb. 10, 1949

The local VFW post passed a resolution asking the state legislature to abolish the state veteran’s welfare commission, asking at the same time that the Idaho department of public assistance be granted the power to extend emergency relief to veterans of Idaho as defined by law.

Harold Servatius reported that the newly formed Credit Bureau had completed signup of more than 75 percent of the merchants and new offices will be opened in the Curtis Building shortly.

80 years – Feb. 10, 1939

Action was completed by the legislature on abolishing the state water conservation board and transferring its duties to the department of agriculture. The board was created in 1935, declared unconstitutional, after which the law was revised and reenacted in 1937.

Orofino’s new proposed $160,000 federal building, to house the post office, forest service and other governmental offices, may be under construction within the next 90 days.

90 years – Feb. 8, 1929

A move was on foot and was well in progress to move the sanitarium at Orofino to Blackfoot, and consolidate the two institutions. The move started over the lack of funds for building new buildings at Blackfoot. The Blackfoot institution is under a board of control, while the Orofino institution is under direct supervision of the superintendent of the institution.

It was brought out that the superintendent at the Orofino institution had operated his establishment at a cost of 84 cents per capita, including improvements of buildings, while the southern institution at Blackfoot has operated at about $2.20 per capita. Dr. McKelway of the Orofino institution is highly thought of in the southern part of the state.

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