Down Memory Lane

A red, white and blue banner, hung with yellow cords has joined the many other expressions of support seen around Orofino. The banner expresses support for U. S. troops involved in the Persian Gulf War. Clearwater Tribune, Feb. 14, 1991

10 years – Feb. 17, 2011

Kevin Korbel, his wife Christine, and their 17 year old son Daniel were heading home from Lewiston. Kevin said, as they rounded a corner near the boat ramp (below Hog Meadows), they noticed a boat turned toward the boat launch near Clearwater Ridge Development. “The boat made a run toward the shore” Kevin said, which they thought was very strange. “As we watched, the boat slammed into the shoreline and went into the rocks.” Kevin turned the car into the boat ramp to investigate. Daniel said he spotted a man in the river.

Christine Korbel called 911, while Kevin and Daniel ran along the shore. Kevin told his son to find a long piece of wood.

Kevin ran through underbrush, rocks, and poison ivy and kept shouting out encouragement to the man, telling him he was close to the shore – to “keep paddling.” Kevin said he was not fighting the current, but was tiring out and still in pretty deep water. “There was a pretty deep drop-off there,” said Kevin. He waded out as far as he was able and, with the pole Danny found, pulled the man out of the river.

Kevin gives a lot of credit for the rescue to his son, an Eagle Scout and senior at Orofino High School. “Danny was bleeding, in pain, and kind of shaky, yet he helped with the rescue. If Danny had not spotted the man in the water the outcome might have been very different,” said his father.*

20 years – Feb. 15, 2001

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Timberline Chapter, toured the Idaho Corrections Orofino Unit and participated in the prisoner STOP program as part of an overall program plan this year with the focus on youth violence and peer education.

Twenty-seven students toured Block A control central and listened as five prisoners related their personal stories of choices, consequences and of prison life.

The purpose of the trip was only one segment of an overall plan to raise awareness of personal choice and violence issues that affect society and youth.*

Cavendish – With the “Spelling Bees” buzzing around at the school, the children have become very interested in new words from the long lists of spelling words that might be used. One of their words you readers may enjoy is “onomatopoeia” meaning, according to Webster: the formation of a word by imitating a sound or by its referent, i.e. cuckoo, boom, etc.*

30 years – Feb. 14, 1991

Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologists released 85 wild turkeys in the Orofino area in January. The turkeys came from the Missouri River area near Bismark, ND, in exchange for California bighorn sheep from Owyhee County. An additional 100 birds are expected from North Dakota later this month.

Turkey hunting has become increasingly popular since the introduction of the big birds in 1961. The 1990 season broke all records for numbers of birds harvested at 291. Fish and Game sold 1,436 turkey tags during 1990. In Idaho, turkey hunting takes place in the spring only.*

40 years – Feb. 19, 1981

A bomb blast caused an estimated $2,500 to $3,000 damages to the Clearwater Tribune office building, demolishing the front door and causing considerable damage to the interior front part of the office.

Several persons heard a powerful blast go off Friday night about 10:45 p.m., the same time the bomb was detonated at the Tribune. Some thought it was a car wreck, others thought it was an explosion and law officers at the county courthouse thought it was a shotgun blast, and were on the lookout for someone carrying a gun.

The bomb itself is thought to have been a pipe bomb.*

Representatives of some concerned parents for kindergartens were told by Les Diehl, school district superintendent, that he and board members also felt the kindergarten program should continue in this district, despite the state legislature’s threat of eliminating the kindergartens in their effort to cut the budget. However, he said he could not promise continuation of the program at this point.*

50 years – Feb. 18, 1971

Design will start immediately on additions and modifications on the Dworshak National Fish Hatchery near Orofino. The Walla Walla District of the Army Corps of Engineers just received approval to go ahead with the project from the Office of the Chief of Engineers.

The $3.3 million project will convert the raw river water rearing ponds into environmentally controlled units. Presently the hatchery has 25 of the controlled water ponds and 59 that are raw river water.

Research carried out at the fish hatchery has shown that the fish raised in the controlled ponds are not as susceptible to disease as those raised in raw river water.*

60 years – Feb. 16, 1961

A “Queen for a Day” contest is being sponsored by the Orofino Jay-c-ettes as a fundraising scheme, the proceeds to be used for civic welfare projects.

Jay-c-ettes will sell tickets at 25 cents each, each ticket allowing the buyer to nominate one candidate. Jay-c-ettes cannot be nominated.

The name of the winner will be chosen and the crowning ceremony held at noon on the corner of College and Johnson where West’s Mobilgas Station is located.

The winner will receive prizes donated by Orofino merchants, and while having a free “hair-do” at the Bon Eve Beauty Salon, Jay-c-ettes will spend two hours cleaning her home and doing ironing. *

70 years – Feb. 15, 1951

Picturesque log jams that formed on the Northfork, a mile above Ahsahka and at Bruce’s Eddy went out of their own accord Saturday night.

The lower jam was 400 feet long and the one at the eddy was 500 feet long. Both extended the entire width of the river, with the upper jam 200 feet wide. Many smaller jams and centers dotted the river between Ahsahka and Camp Y above Dent.

The rising water floated logs to Lewiston and built up enough pressure to force power company officials to open one of the gates at the dam. However, colder weather early this week alleviated the danger and only a minimum of logs were lost over the dam by Potlatch Forests, Inc.*

80 years – Feb. 20, 1941

Only two sources of Traventine, the Italian marble used as interior finish of the main floor in the new federal building, are known in the world, according to a letter received here from A.P. Shirley, general agent of the Northern Pacific Railway company, Lewiston.

The rose tan colored Italian marble used as panels, wainscot, mop boards, windows and door castings in the new Orofino building was quarried at Gardiner, Mont., in Yellowstone park by the Northwestern Improvement company, a subsidiary of the Northern Pacific railway, said Shirley. The fabricating of the Travertine was handled by the Arnosti Marble company of Carthage, Mo.

The Montana deposits of Travertine, commonly called Italian marble, is the only deposit outside of Tivoli, Italy. The Lewiston railroad man offered the information after being impressed with the beauty of the new federal building upon a recent visit here.*

90 years – Feb. 20, 1931

The “Reno bill” to permit divorces after three months residence in Idaho was reported out by the senate judiciary committee without recommendation.

The house library committee, four women legislators, introduced a bill to permit women to serve on juries.

All teachers would be required to take the oath of allegiance to the flag and republic to promote respect for the United States under a bill introduced by the house education committee.

An appropriation of $2,500 for the department of public welfare to supply vaccines and anti-toxins for children was introduced by the house public health committee.*

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