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Hailey Mayberry on skis for the first time at the Where’s Weippe Ski Retreat. Clearwater Tribune, Feb. 10, 2011

10 years – Feb. 10, 2011

Feb. 27, 1911 was the creation of the County of Clearwater from portions of Shoshone County and Nez Perce County under the authority of the provisions of House Bill No. 2 of the Eleventh Session of the Legislature of the State of Idaho.

The Clearwater County Board of Commissioners will proclaim the County’s 100-year birthday celebration with a kick-off presentation on the steps of the Courthouse on Feb. 14.

The County will celebrate the birthday with activities throughout the entire year of 2011.*

20 years – Feb. 8, 2001

A story of sharing between two siblings has come to a happy resolution for Shellie McCarthy, 31, and her brother, Brian Sperry, 34, Boise.

On Nov. 20, 2000, Shellie underwent surgery to donate one of her kidneys to her brother. Both are doing well following the transplant. Shellie has returned to work at Riverside Physical Therapy and was even able to go skiing last weekend. Brian, who owns a landscaping business in Boise and coaches at Middleton High School, has returned home from the Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle. While it will be a few months before he can return to normal activities, he is recovering well.*

30 years – Feb. 7, 1991

The Clearwater Military Support Group will sponsor a parade Feb. 16, in downtown Orofino to show support for U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf. Residents are encouraged to decorate the main route and their homes with flags and yellow ribbons.*

Stacy Spain, a 1988 Orofino High School graduate, played the wife of the giant in the Jack and the Bean Stalk presentation at the Orofino Elementary School. The production was presented by the Idaho Theatre for Youth based in Boise.

While at OHS, Stacy was a drama student of Norma Reinhardt and won numerous drama honors all over the state of Idaho.

She attended Boise State University and is now a finalist for a Master of Fine Arts in drama to a prestigious Northwest University.*

40 years – Feb. 12, 1981

L. D. McFarland Company of Sandpoint announced purchase of the Clearwater County operations of B. J. Carney Company, largest pole operator in the area for the past four decades.

Operations of the big Ahsahka yard were taken over by C. B. “Charlie” Starkey, a former Ahsahka youth who began his pole career with Weyerhauser Pole Company in 1939. Starkey lives in Kooskia and will merge the operations of the McFarland Cascade yard there with Orofino. Starkey succeeds Cliff Osborne who handled woods operations. *

Dworshak Reservoir will probably be held at near the 1554 foot level for the remainder of the spring season to compensate for the record low 1981 snow pack and short runoff request says Rodger Colgan, project manager. Only vastly improved spring moisture could change the reservoir control pattern.*

50 years Feb. 11, 1971

Timberline High School is the first school in the state’s history to have 100% participation in the VFW sponsored “Voice of Democracy” (VOD) essay contest.

All students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades submitted essays in this Americanism program. Ninth graders were not eligible.

Presentation of the 217 essays on “Freedom Our Heritage”, will be made by Dept. Commander Glen Phillips of Arco, and Sidney Thompson Dept, VOD chairman, of Pocatello.

First, second, and third place winners from THS were Terry Silva, Gina Alfrey and Marilyn Jacobson.*

Bald Mountain Ski Lodge reported excellent skiing last weekend with approximately 350 skiers. The ski hill will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They have a Rope Tow for $1.50 and a T-Bar for $3.50.

The T-Bar is 3,000 feet long and there are no lift lines.*

60 years – Feb. 9, 1961

Jay Godwin, U.S. Forest Service Dispatcher, was guest speaker at the Business and Professional Women’s Club meeting at the home of Edith Crowley in Ahsahka.

“Atomic Fallout is a frightening subject,” said Mr. Godwin, as he told about the possible dangers of nuclear warfare affecting areas far removed from the bomb targets.

For example, he said, prevailing westerly winds could carry radioactive dust from an assumed attack in Portland eastward into Montana within 24 hours. Gamma radiation from fallout has very high penetrating power and can be deadly. The last defense against gamma rays is adequate shielding, which can be provided by 2.5 inches of lead, seven inches of steel, 24 inches of concrete, 36 inches of earth or brick, or about of wood, in thickness of substance required.

Godwin outlined ideas for self-protection from fallout and supplies needed for survival.*

70 years – Feb. 8, 1951

The Oasis the past two weeks has been undergoing some extensive remodeling and was closed for several days both weeks. Estell Darr, manager, said that among other improvements, a new back bar was being added.*

To the Editor: At the start of the Square Dance meetings this fall it was asked that any children under the age of 14 be accompanied by a guardian or older person as a chaperone. This has not been done and last Monday evening some of the younger ones were a bit boisterous.

Most of even the younger ones were as nice as anyone could wish, and it was a real pleasure to see their enjoyment.

Because we do not want to curtail their pleasure we are asking the help of boys and girls of the high school and of parents or guardians of the younger ones.

We are gladly and freely giving you the use of our hall each Monday evening and providing the music. Will you help make this a success?

From the Odd Fellow Square Dance Committee*

80 years - Feb. 13, 1941

The county cotton mattress program will soon roll into full swing in an effort to provide large new mattresses to all Clearwater county families who need them. Twelve interested persons, representing various county groups, outlined the program and pledged the cooperation of their organizations. The program is sponsored by the extension service and the agricultural adjustment administration.

A family of four with a yearly net income of $500 or less is entitled to two mattresses. Fifty dollars may be added to the family income for each additional member of the family to be within the eligibility requirement.

No family is entitled to more than one mattress for two persons, with a maximum of three mattresses to any one family.

Fifty pounds of cotton will go into each mattress. The small amount of cotton which will be used under the program will hardly make a dent in the nation’s cotton surplus.*

90 years – Feb. 13, 1931

Members of the Orofino Volunteer Fire Department ordered materials to be used in the completion of the upstairs of the new city hall and S. J. Adams started work that day to plaster the walls.

He will finish this week. Material for the flooring, the ceiling, partitions and plumbing has been ordered and all necessary work will be completed in a few weeks if department plans carry without hitches.

Members of the department will furnish all labor except for plastering and plumbing work and supervision of the carpentry. *

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