Down Memory Lane - Homemaker of year

Homemaker of the year – Elvita Judd, Fraser, right, won extension service sponsored plaque as Clearwater Homemaker of the Year at a Home Extension Council Christmas party at Grangemont. Presentation was made by Doris Wyatt, Weippe, last year’s winner. Clearwater Tribune Dec. 26, 1968

10 years – Dec. 25, 2008

Although at first the ice did obstruct the boat’s jet, Steve Stajkowski stomped a device which somehow miraculously cleared the drive and the Muscle Jon emblazoned with “Ecuador” and the Ecuadorian Flag sped and maneuvered through ice floes that would cripple an ordinary jet boat instantly. It is an amazing machine, a great tool for the war on narcoterrorism, and something designed and produced right here in Clearwater County, Idaho.

Clearwater Economic Development Director Chris St. Germaine presented the completed Phase I of the Wave Attenuator at Big Eddy Marina on Dworshak Reservoir.

20 years – Dec. 24, 1998

Officials from Clearwater County, City of Orofino and the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Council (NPTEC) put aside their jurisdictional conflicts to meet and discuss common needs and issues. Of particular interest during the meeting were fire protection services, solid waste disposal, sewer and water services and rights -of-way.

Clearwater Valley Hospital Foundation’s Adopt A Room program has successfully “adopted out 11 available rooms.

The program initiated this fall, requested individuals, organizations, and businesses to donate $1,400 towards refurbishing each of the available inpatient rooms.

30 years – Dec. 29, 1988

Konkolville Lumber Company reached a milestone in sawmill operations in 1988 with the production of over 20 million board feet of lumber, according to Ed Olsen, office manager. The mill employs 78 full time in their sawmill and logging operations, with an annual payroll of 1.5 million dollars.

Bart Pippenger returned from Indianapolis, IN, where he competed in the U.S. Open swim meet and won two gold medals.

40 years - Dec. 28, 1978

Several officers and Posse members from the Clearwater County Sheriffs’ office were in the Pierce area searching for Alex J. Somers, 81, who was last seen on Dec. 2. Somers lived alone in the woods north of Reveling between Pierce and Headquarters and came out occasionally for supplies.

The report of Somers’ disappearance was reported Dec. 21 and searchers went to investigate. There was over 40 inches of snow in Somers’ yard. Men spent hours shoveling out all the paths leading from the house and without finding any sign of the man.

50 years – Dec. 26, 1968

Partisans of the nation’s new gun laws can’t wait until courts have a chance to interpret its meaning and scope. This can only lead to confusion as the Revenue Service tries to appease some of the fanatics who favor full gun registration.

Fortunately there are others who believe in sensible moderate regulation, and as little as possible harassment of law abiding citizens.

Potlatch Forests, Inc. crews have resumed logging in the Canyon bloc of timber on Forest Service Sales and are adding more logs to the short supply that has been felt at Jaype mill. Warm wet weather cut the log harvest in November and early December to about half of the total anticipated.

60 years – Jan. 1, 1959

Norman Fitzsimmons, former Cottonwood youth and for the past three years assistant county agent in Nez Perce county, has accepted an extension department assignment as new Clearwater county agent.

Precipitation recorded in Orofino during 1958 measured 37.09 inches, the highest since 1948 and 10.09 inches more than last year.

70 years – Dec. 30, 1948

Epoch events listed in 1948 undoubtedly marked some of the most significant news events for the city of Orofino since the completion of the railroad to Headquarters 20 years ago.

Disaster of course, came in late May and early June with the all-time record flood on the river and its damages, but equally significant was the expansion and improvement of industrial, business, and residential facilities in the area making up a half million dollar construction program during the year.

An Orofino high school graduate and freshman at University of Idaho, Harriet Lee Walrath, was one of three women students accepted to announce for record programs over radio station KUOI, Moscow.

80 years – Dec. 30, 1938

Wm. Phar, Gilbert farmer, was the first man to place a team in the city’s new barn on Memorial park grounds, after construction was completed under direction of Joe Hayden, street superintendent.

Mr. Phar dropped into the Clearwater Tribune especially to extend thanks to the city council and the citizens of Orofino for making this improvement available to visiting farmers. Mr. Phar said the new barn was especially handy for farmers in this kind of weather and constituted a progressive move which will be appreciated.

90 years – Dec. 1928

There are no issues for the month of December of 1928 in the Clearwater Tribune archives.

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