Down Memory Lane - Weippe Rodeo

BULL DOGGERS AT WEIPPE RODEO—Dave and Trever Maddox of Pendleton, OR are pictured participating in the bull dogger event during the Weippe Rodeo Sunday. Photo by Coleen L. Jones, Onyx Photography Clearwater Tribune Aug. 20, 2009

10 years –Aug. 20, 2009

Our apologies to the sister of Whitney Rales, who sent this in last week for Whitney’s birthday and also to nominate Whitney for Employee of the Week, but was left out by mistake, so here’s to you, Whitney from your loving sister:

Whitney Rales at “Just Brew It” stand was nominated as “Employee of the Week.” She makes a wonderful sugar free Cookie Dough Big Train! *

20 years –Aug. 19 1999

Working together to provide access to public lands for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other vehicles is the focus of Public Lands Access Year-around (PLAY), according to President John Erbst of Orofino.

PLAY wants to work with the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies to keep public lands open to those who want to access them with motorized vehicles. Erbst said that the Clearwater National Forest has 830,000 acres and only five percent is roaded. While he realizes that some roads need to be obliterated due to erosion and other problems, he feels that others can be preserved and developed as trails for year-round use. PLAY want to be a part of the decision making process as the Forest Service looks at which roads to take out and which to keep. *

30 years –Aug. 17, 1989

Leonard Eckman, Orofino Volunteer Fire Dept., Chief said the fire trucks made four runs within a short time Saturday. It all started around 2:30 p.m. at the Ken Haley residence on Upper Ford’s Creek Road when a wind storm caused two power lines to arc. Hot metal fell to the ground and stated a grass fire.

Shortly after reaching the scene and squelching the fire, a call was received a to the Clearwater National Forest Service building on HWY 12. The wind evidently caused a power shortage. When this happened the motor on the building’s air conditioner burned out and filled the air with smoke.

A third call came through for the department to return to Ken Haley residence where sparks from the earlier fire had set fire to a small outbuilding.

While putting out this fire the firemen spotted a grass fire across the draw at George Brown residence. The grass fire at Brown’s was caused by sparks from the first fire at the Haley residence. *

40 years–Aug. 9, 1979

Ralph Bradley returned to the Clearwater County Sheriff’s department as Chief Deputy this week. He worked in this capacity from 1974 to 1977 and since then has been involved in real estate and automobile sales.

Wade Ralston from the sheriff’s office is now with the Orofino Police Department.

Bob Rears has been employed as a juvenile officer, according to Nick Albers, Sheriff, and will cover the whole county while continuing to reside at Pierce. His position is funded in part by a LEPC Grant and was initiated last year. But not implemented until this July. *

50 years–Aug. 21, 1969

High government officials from Washington D.C. including Congressman James McClure, top Idaho and Northwest Wildlife people and several thousand Inland Empire residents will converge on Orofino and Ahsahka for the dedication of the Dworshak National Fish Hatchery, largest such steelhead facility in the world.

The 61/2 million fish capacity hatchery built by the Corps of Engineers at a cost of nearly $8,000,000 will be dedicated at a formal program under joint sponsorship of the Idaho Wildlife Federation and the Corps of Engineers. *

60 years–Aug. 20, 1959

General showers and cooler weather eased fire tensions on Clearwater Forest and Protective associations Wednesday with about .12 rain showing at Headquarters and Pierce.

The storm knocked down smoldering fires in snags and stumps in the big Elk Mountain burn and enabled crews to get a rest form patrol duties. It was the first rain in nearly eight weeks for the county and followed some record heat temperatures and bad fire conditions. *

70 years–Aug. 18, 1949

Potential donors to the Clearwater Memorial Library who do not have suitable books for the new institution should feel free to offer magazine subscriptions or other funds for use by the library, Mrs. R.S. Pearce, librarian reports.

Efforts will be made to have some popular current magazines for library use after facilities are opened sometime in September. *

80 years–Aug. 18, 1939

At the regular meeting of the city council Monday night the application of Zan Jordan and Roland Little for a drive-in beer parlor license was tabled indefinitely. Fred Campbell, appearing in behalf of the Washington Water Power company, outlined a new street lighting setup which was adopted. Police, water and firemen reports were given in addition to allowing regular monthly bills.

As no one appeared on behalf of Zan Jordan and Roland Little, who made application July 14 for a drive-in beer parlor to be constructed on Michigan avenue between Main and Wisconsin streets, city council men made a motion to table the application indefinitely as the plan has apparently been abandoned. *

90 years–Aug. 16, 1929

That the Rex Theatre will be using sound equipment in connection with moving picture films to be shown there after October 1, 1929 was the announcement made by J. H. Miller, manger of the theatre, last week. The sound the equipment has been ordered for some time and is expected to arrive here any day. A few days after it comes engineers are expected here to make the installation.

With the new wheating plant and ventilation system installed about a year ago and the moviephone the Rex Theatre will be one of the best found in the northwest states for small towns, either for comfort of the building or class of pictures shown. *

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