Down Memory Lane - Little League

LITTLE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS—The Peck Wildcats won the Little League Championship recently when they defeated the Orofino Eagles 8 to 4 in the title game. Until they met the Peck team the Eagles were undefeated in tourney play, but two straight losses to the Wildcats cost the Eagles the title. Members of the Peck team, front row, left: Terry Colwell, Jay Blake, Tony Coomer, Ron Bell, Bruce Latimer, Darrel Colwell, Brian Deyo, Butch Smith and Pat Hunter. Back row, left: Bob Hunter, Gary Colwell, Robert Klemke, Vic Ladoux, Dennis Huffam, Terry Hollibaugh, Dennis Latimer, Rick McGee, Larry Ladoux, Mark Montgomery, Coach John Kayler. From Clearwater Tribune Aug. 14, 1969

10 years –Aug. 13, 2009

Wild Weippe Rodeo has a new Queen: Rachel Bonner holds that title for 2009. Currently a resident of Orofino, she is fifteen years old. Rachel lived in Weippe for a while as a child. She has been home schooled for the past 3 years, but is considering going to Orofino High School where one of her gals is to be in the top of her class.

Reaching for high goals, Rachel says that she is learning a great many people skills while serving as Queen. She said it is teaching her to be a “good listener, to be polite and generous with people, and to be prepared to speak at any public event.*

20 years –Aug. 12, 1999

As long as they have power delivered to them, Clearwater Power Information Systems Manager, Scott Seegmiller, does not foresee any major problems for his company with Y2K.

He told Orofino chamber of commerce members Aug. 4 that they have evaluated their distribution system and they expect it to work well in 2000. They are also in the process of updating their office software to move into the future. That software does not affect the transmission of power, he added.*

30 years –Aug. 10, 1989

A new RV dump has been completed in Riverside with a grant from Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. Total cost was $33,000 with the city contributing $4,000 and will maintain and service the facility. Clearwater County installed the asphalt driveway.*

40 years–Aug. 9, 1979

Orofino Chamber of Commerce members last Wednesday, gave their support for a feasibility study with a goal of obtaining bike paths from Chases Flat to the park, through Orofino to various schools, and along Ahsahka road.

As traffic increases with the growth of this area and the Lewiston-Clarkston port facility, the need for bicycle and pedestrian paths will become more evident, members noted.

50 years–Aug. 14, 1969

The Nez Perce Tribe is taking steps to develop a tourist park two miles east of Orofino, along U.S. Highway 12, to provide adequate camping facilities as well as suitable sales outlets for Nez Perce Indian arts, crafts, souvenirs and information concerning Indian culture. In an application made by the tribal council to the county Economic Development Assn., the tribe said if the project proved feasible they would be in in a position to consider an expansion program such as a motel-restaurant complex and boating facilities.*

60 years–Aug. 13, 1959

County indigent expenses for the first half year ending June 30 amounted to $20,760.16, county board of commissioners learned Monday in reviewing the heavy outlay for the period.

Sharply curtailed spending in the fund will be necessary during the rest of the year commissioners indicated; if the fund is to stay within the limit of tax revenues which support it amounting to $37,631.*

70 years–Aug. 11, 1949

The city council spent a busy night Monday repealing outmoded ordinances and bringing others up to date.

For instance, Police Chief W. J. Philpot learned that under an old ordinance he is required to sweep the streets. He hopes that the council will vote for repeal.

Also repealed was Ordinance No. 65, known as the poll tax ordinance. This law was passed July 16, 1912, and required every able bodied male resident of the village between ages of 21 and 50 to perform two days’ labor upon the streets and alleys. For each day’s failure “to attend and preform the required labor” the delinquent was required to pay $1 per day.*

80 years–Aug.11, 1939

Fifty-orders of affecting bag limits and seasons on fish and game in Idaho were issued by the commission last week in Boise and have been announced by Owen W Morris, state game director, who is the fourth man to hold this job since the fame commission form of government was inaugurated last January.

Among the orders issued which affect sportsmen in this area are:

On prohibiting the taking of salmon by use of spears in Idaho streams effective immediately.

One prohibiting the taking of bass in any water of the state during May and June.

One prohibiting, after January 1, 1940, the use, possession, sale or transportation of salmon eggs or the roe of any fish for bait.

One prohibiting sturgeon fishing Idaho until further order of the game commission. Sturgeon was declared a game fish.*

90 years–Aug. 9, 1929

Boise (AP) - Union Pacific stages filed a protest with the public utilities commission today against the operation of the Clearwater Transportation company over a part of the Union Pacific line, which is known as the Interstate Transportation Company. The Clearwater line asked permission to operate from Lewiston to Stites by way of Craigmont, this part of the line paralleling the interstate lines.*

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