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Orofino teachers featured in the Teaching Today magazine are back row, from left, Jennie Winter, Robert Rears, Pam Danielson, and Connie Walters; front row, Sharon Fitzgerald, Barbara Fitzsimmons and Dana Kelly. --Clearwater Tribune, April 27, 1989

10 years –April 30, 2009

This year is a special year for Orofino’s Urban Forest Committee and community. For the ninth year in a row, Orofino, received recognition as a Tree City, USA.

For the third year in a row, Orofino was one of 11 cities to have received the Tree City, USA Growth Award.*

The thought of the day for the meeting (Rotary) was given by Clarke Burnham for his wife, Fran. Clarke quoted Michael J. Fox, who said,” I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for: perfection is God’s business.”

20 years –April 29, 1999

Idaho milk production during March 1999 totaled 507 million pounds up 8 percent from the same month last year and 11 percent higher than February 1999, according to the Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service. *

A letter to the editor stated, “A friend of mine shared this information with me about our flag and I wanted to pass it along. ‘Perhaps you are not aware of a new public law signed by President Clinton in 1994. This law requires the U.S. flag to be lowered on May 15 as a tribute to the more than 14,000 law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. May 15 is one the few days on which our flag should be flown at half-staff. The other days are the last Monday in May, Memorial Day, when the flag should be so displayed until noon, and then raised to the top of the pole: July 27, National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, and December 7, National Pearl Harbor Day.’ “*

30 years –April 27, 1989

A 1986 Silver Chevrolet driven by Emmett A. Wilson struck a deer on Hwy 12. The driver stated that he was driving east when the deer came from the direction of the river crossing in front of him. There was $1200 damage to the vehicle.

Orofino Police Officer Dave Jones was involved in an accident with three deer on Hwy 12, mp 42. Officer Jones was unable to avoid hitting the deer because of oncoming traffic. There was approximately $1000 damage to the patrol car. The driver was uninjured. The deer were able to run from the scene and were unable to be found. *

40 years –April 26, 1979

As you look over the totally different, neat, and tidy spring fashions appearing in stores and on catalog pages, don’t forget to ask yourself, “Is it for me?”

Jot down the good and bad points of your figure. then, consider each new style to see if it brings out your best points and while hiding the less desirable, suggests Nellie Patson, extension clothing and textiles specialist with the University of Idaho.

“The new clean, crisp fabrics will hide some figure imperfections as they do not cling,” she said, “Padded shoulders and narrow shawl collars create a broad look nice for the narrow shouldered miss.” *

50 years – April 24, 1969

Clifford Porter, 46, who sustained a gash wound in his back while standing outside his trailer home at Pierce Tuesday night was released from CV hospital Friday.

Clearwater Sheriff’s officers said the shot was fired by his wife through a partition, after a family disturbance, but no charges have been filed. Porter is a mechanic for J.E. Hall logging contractor.

Porter was only slightly wounded and drove to the Flame Bar where he called an ambulance about 10:45 p.m.

60 years–April 30, 1959

Don C. Bowen who pleaded guilty to writing a no account check to Lashly Sales and Service was paroled to the district court for five years at a hearing before Judge Jack McQuade last week. Bowen has agreed to reimburse Lashly for the money on a car which he purchased with the fraudulent check, amounting to about $2800.

Robert N Fry, Weippe, was hospitalized Saturday night at Clearwater Valley Hospital following an accident on HWY 11 near Schmidt’s Mill. Fry’s pickup slammed into a parked car driven by Roger A. Matthes, Grangeville.

Matthes had stopped his car on the highway after its lights had failed and Fry was unable to see the darkened vehicle when blinded by headlights of an oncoming care. *

70 years –April 28, 1949

The junior class of Orofino high school will give its annual promenade beginning at 9 o’clock Saturday night in the Orofino Memorial park hall, announced Barbara Hughes, junior class president.

Invitations have been mailed and programs have been printed. Theme for the promenade is “April Showers.” Junior class members have been busy the past two weeks decorating the hall. The Don Peterson Combo of Grangeville will furnish the music. *

80 years – April 14, 1939

The plaque for the outstanding Idaho 4-H forestry club for 1939 was award edto the Grangmont forestry club, under leadership of Asa Calvert. This was the second consecutive year.

The plaque, a presentation of the American Forestry association, is given each year to the 4-H forestry club in the state having the highest average grade in its work. When won two years the plaque becomes the permanent possession of the club. The recent award will remain now at Grangemont permanently. *

90 years– April 26, 1929

E.E. Lyle and family returned Friday from Mead, Washington, near Spokane for which place they left Orofino last June. Mr. Lyle has purchased the J.W. Cavanaugh brick residence property in Glenwood and will put in a water system and milk house and do some remodeling in order to re-enter the milk business in which he was formerly engaged here. He will sell at retail, bottled milk, making a morning and evening delivery each day. He will ship in no outside milk, having brought his herd of 15 cows with him from Washington, which have all been tested and found free from tuberculosis. *

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