Down Memory Lane Orofino Crk

Orofino Creek Flooding - Earl Vicory watches the rushing water outside his home along Orofino Creek (behind Potlatch Credit Union). Water levels had reached as high as his sidewalk on April 2, and had to be sandbagged. Clearwater Tribune, April 7, 2011

10 years - April 7, 2011

“Army brat makes good.” Janet Burnham has successfully worked for the school district for 20 years and is looking forward to her well-earned retirement. She served as the assistant secretary to Orofino High School for six years and almost 14 years as the head secretary and assistant to the principal.*

20 years - April 5, 2001

After a decade of planning and preparation work, Deer Creek Reservoir near Headquarters will become a reality.

The 55-acre reservoir, located one and a half miles east of Headquarters is a cooperative effort between Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Potlatch Corporation. The reservoir will be on Potlatch land. About 30,000 to 40,000 sterile rainbow trout will be planted in the “put and take” reservoir.

There will only be vehicular access from about Memorial Day to sometime after Labor Day. Part of the agreement between the state and Potlatch is that the road will be closed during the winter months so vehicles will not tear it up.

The Deer Creek project is in its final engineering and development phases now. The department hopes to have construction start in July and fill the reservoir next year, and then stock it.*

30 years - April 4, 1991

Cecil D. Andrus has proclaimed April 5-7 as Days of Thanksgiving in Idaho “in celebration of thanks for the liberation of Kuwait and the end of hostilities in the Persian Gulf.”*

New dugouts have been installed on the ball field at Orofino City Park. Funds for construction came from Dworshak Recreation District.*

Strom Contracting is setting new light poles at the ballfield at Orofino City Park with assistance from the Orofino Public Works Department. The Orofino High School baseball team is waiting anxiously for the poles to be in place so they can play their home games here.*

40 years – April 9, 1981

Tornado-like winds that were estimated from 65 to 85 miles per hour, wreaked havoc on a recently completed roof on Gilbert’s Chapel, located at 939 Michigan Ave. in Orofino.

The entire west portion of the roof was blown off and demolished, and a third of the east side of the roof was also blown away. Insulation that was installed during the job was blown in all directions from the chapel, some lodging in tree tops, and some as far away as Konkolville.

Several trees were blown down by the force of the winds, but no injuries have been reported.*

50 years – April 8, 1971

Three Orofino teachers, who have chalked up 108 years teaching combined, will retire this spring. Announcements of their retirements came at the same time as did Lee Simmon’s who is retiring as Orofino Elementary School principal.

Of the three teachers the one teaching the longest is Edith Crowley, a former County Superintendent of Schools, who has taught 48 years. Coming in second is Mrs. Edna Cole, who has 31 years of teaching, most of these in Clearwater County.

The other teacher retiring is Mrs. Margaret Mullikin, who after 29 years of teaching says she is retiring to do many things time did not permit before.*

60 years – April 6, 1961

Cave-in of a 15 foot dirt bank along the Camas Prairie right of way in Gorman’s addition nearly cost the life of 11 year old Jeff Radtke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Del Radtke.

Jeff with his brother Dale, 10, and Larry Schenk, 9, had been digging a shallow cave in the soft earth about half way up the slope when the moist overhang gave way about 4:45 p.m.

Larry ran a block to the Radtke home and at first just pointed to the cliff but finally managed to tell Mrs. Radtke that “Jeff was covered up”. Mrs. Radtke ran back around the cliff with Larry to the spot and found Dale in tears and covered up to his knees in the loosened mud.

There was no sign of Jeff but Larry knew where he had been and Mrs. Radtke began digging with her hands. She found his back first, in a crouched position under about six inches of loose dirt.

Both his head and feet were deep in the dirt, the falling earth having pushed his head down into the crouched position.

She got her hands around his waist and pulled him out, partially suffocated.

By then railroad men and neighbors had arrived and helped clean the dirt out of Jeff’s mouth, nose, eyes and ears and Nell Scott took the boy and his mother to Dr. Pappenhagen’s office, who in turn took him for an overnight stay in the hospital.

The boys had been warned about digging in the dirt cliff near the south end of the old round house which has been torn up.

Mrs. Radtke gave high praise to Larry Schenk, for his cool thinking in spite of the panic that threatened. Jeff had been covered by the dirt for about five minutes.*

70 years – April 5, 1951

(Missing issue)

80 years –April 10, 1941

Royale K. Pierson, extension forester, Moscow, and a crew of men will attempt the first windbreak experiment ever tried in Clearwater County on the farms of Lawrence Judd, Fraser, and Lester Wells, Johnstown.

The University of Idaho forestry nurseries will furnish the trees and set them out to demonstrate the practicability of the plan to interested farmers. The trees are donated to the farmer, who in return is asked to cooperate by keeping stock from harming the young plants and keeping the ground cultivated for the most rapid growth.*

90 years –April 10, 1931

Service on the Lewiston Stites branch of the Camas Prairie railway was resumed following an interruption lasting four days caused by heavy rains last week.

The morning passenger train which had been tied up at Stites came down practically on time that day and the Lewiston-Orofino bug went on up to Stites in the afternoon, all services being virtually on time.*

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