10 years –April 28, 2011

There were no bids received on the purchase of the former Orofino Junior High School (OJHS) building. It was appraised at $500,000. A second parcel up for bids, appraised at $115,000 went to the highest bidder for $176,800 reports School District Supt. Dale Durkee following Monday’s board meeting at Timberline.

Paul and Lee Pippenger won the bid on the 2.49 acres on the old forest building site on Hwy 11. Riverview Construction was the only other bidder with a bid of $117,282.

Durkee said since there were no bids received on the abandoned OJHS building, Idaho Code states since there were no satisfactory bid made or received on the property the school board may proceed under its own direction to sell and convey the property for the highest price the market will bear. The sale is under the direction of the Clearwater Realty.*

20 years –April 26, 2001

A lot of preparations are being made toward the upcoming Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, including plans for public safety and anticipated emergencies.

Visitor estimates range anywhere from one to 27 million, but most likely one to four million from 2004 to 2006.

With the 100th anniversary of Orofino’s incorporation in 2005, it could be expanded with the Lewis and Clark activities and visitors.*

A new city logo has been adopted. City employee and artist, Marilyn Holte designed it. The logo portrays all of Idaho while emphasizing the geographical location of Orofino. It also highlights some of the area’s features such as mountains, wildlife, Clearwater River and timber resources. It reflects the commitment of the city to “personal service”.*

30 years –April 25, 1991

Frank Walker, superintendent of the Nez Perce National Historical Park, spoke of the development of the three and a half acre Canoe Camp along Hwy. 12 in Riverside. He said the area is nationally significant as the area was used by the Nez Perce for a long time and Lewis and Clark on their Voyage of Discovery built about five dugout canoes there.

Archaeologists have been working on the site of Canoe Camp since 1988 with some very significant findings. Their discoveries have changed some of the park design, Walker said.*

Idaho’s legislature, in the recent session, passed a law that requires that temporarily insane people be confined only in medically approved facilities. Law enforcement and health officials in the area are discussing the ramifications.*

40 years – issue missing

50 years –April 29, 1971

“We the People of Clearwater County” was chosen by Orofino Celebration, Inc., members as the theme for the 1971 Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days. The theme was submitted by Clearwater County Cowbelles.

Three new portable bleachers will be built for use at this year’s show replacing three that will be donated to the Swim Team and Little League for use behind the Elementary School. The donated bleachers will need some repair and this will be done by the Little League.*

60 years –April 27, 1961

Low bid on construction of a new Orofino armory was supplied by Hollibaugh Construction Company, Greer, at opening in Boise last week but complete financing of the project and awarding of bids is still pending further local financing.*

Heaviest city voting in more than a decade brought reelection for a sixth term for Mayor A. B. Curtis and retention of two incumbent councilmen, Gene Wunderlich and Francis Portfors.

Advisory ballots supported city plaqns to adopt a compulsory garbage collection service with fees to be paid along with water and sewage bills. The present city dump will be closed to make room for a sewage treatment plant.*

70 years –April 26, 1951

James Kash Kash, 92, died Sunday at his home on the Indian reservation at Pendleton, Ore. He is believed to have been the oldest survivor of the Nez Perce Indian wars of 1878.

He served under Chief Joseph and was the last surviving grandson of Istakas, also known as Stickas, a lieutenant under Chief Tilaukat in the Whitman massacre of 1847.

Kash Kash was a member of the Cayuse tribe. He lived at Lapwai and Kooskia before moving to Pendleton 20 years ago.*

Formation of youth recreation program either for the summer season or on a permanent basis is primary objective of a committee which organized here with W. C. Pease as chairman.

First consideration is, “Do People of Orofino Want this Program,” Mr. Pease said in recalling that in 1948 nearly $3,000 was expended for summer activities including crafts, swimming and other play. Last year no program was conducted.*

80 years –May 1, 1941

As there are many new people in Orofino the tribune has been asked to inform them of the method to be used in locating city police in a hurry. Persons desiring to locate the police should call telephone central, giving their name and address, and request the operator to locate the city police. The operator will then turn a switch which lights several red lamps in different localities in the city. The police, when outside always watch these lights and call central as soon as they discover the lights are on.*

Roller skating nights beginning this week have been moved ahead from Friday nights to Thursday nights. The skating rink at the city pavilion will be opened every Thursday night from 7:30 to 10:30 o’clock.*

90 years –May 1, 1931

The retail price of gasoline in Orofino went down to 26 cents following a meeting of local dealers Thursday night. The Continental company made a two cent reduction in the wholesale price and other companies followed suit.

Then the retailers decided to cut a cent off of distributing costs arbitrarily, on order to adjust local prices to conform with those of other places. The former two cent reduction to trucks will be discontinued at the pumps, but will be made in barrel lots.*

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