Compilation of this report requires interpretation and manual data entry.

As a result, this report is not a substitute for the actual source documents and the Court cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all information contained herein

Magistrate Court

All fines and forfeitures include court costs unless otherwise noted Not all details of sentencing may be listed (CCSO–Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office; OPD-Orofino Police Department)


Robert Lee Cable, Clarkston – Driving Speed-Exceeding the maximum posted speed limit (CCSO)

Michael J. T. Fish, Orofino – Driving-Passing limitations on driving left of center of highway $93 (CCSO)

Joshua James Gearhart, Orofino – Driving license-operate vehicle without a current or valid class D/Operators license $310.5 (ISP)

Marcus Gregory Higgins, Cottonwood – Driving-Following too closely $93 (CCSO)

Brooks G. Kling, Moses Lake – Boating-Fail to have required safety equipment by rule and regulations $99 (CCSO)

Luke R. Lane, Kamiah – Driving speed-Exceeding the maximum posted speed limit $155 (ISP)

Theressa A. Meier, Troutdale - Lights-Vehicle head lamps-Fail to dim upon approaching vehicle $67 (CCSO)

Rhonda Arleen Sheets, Caldwell – Driving speed-Exceeding the maximum posted speed limit. $158 (CCSO)

Aaron Charles Sherard, Orofino – Vehicle insurance-Fail to provide proof of insurance ($131.50 (ISP)

James Harold Stanton, Peck Driving speed-Driving at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent. $90 (CCSO)

Timothy J. Strauch, Pasco – Driving speed-Exceeding the maximum posted speed limit $90 (CCSO)

Latonya Lee Willis, Orofino - Driving speed-Exceeding the maximum posted speed limit $90 (CCSO)

Marriage Affidavits

Shaun Lee Nedrow to Jessica Leigh Brandt.

Michael James Wardlow to Megan Marie Tetwiler.



Ambulance Call, Bobbitt Bench Rd., Peck (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Freeman Creek Rd., Lenore (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Hwy 11, Weippe (CCAS)

Ambulance transfer, Cedar St., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance transfer, Cedar St., Orofino (CCAS)

Suspicious activity, Tribal Cemetery/A Road Orofino (CCSO)

Juvenile disturbance, Timberline Dr., Pierce (CCSO)

Malicious Injury, North Fork Dr., Ahsahka (CCSO)

Traffic complaint, North Fork Dr., Ahsahka (CCSO)

Suspicious activity, Hwy 11, Orofino (CCSO)

Welfare Check, Hwy 12 (CCSO)

Disorderly conduct, Hatchery Roe Dr., Ahsahka (CCSO)

Disorderly conduct, Musselshell Rd., Weippe (CCSO)

Deer vs. Vehicle, 4 Mile Rd./Hwy 11, Weippe (CCSO, ISP)


Ambulance call, Johnson Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Hjalmar Johnson Rd., Weippe (CCAS, CCSO, Lifeflight)

Ambulance call, Shellburn Dr., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Harmony Heights Loop, Orofino (CCAS)

Abandoned vehicle, Hwy 11, Weippe (CCSO)

Suspicious activity, Waterfall Loop, Orofino (CCSO)

People digging to the fence, Hwy 12, Orofino (CCSO)

Disorderly conduct, North Fork Café (CCSO)

Disorderly conduct, Rivers Edge Ln, Ahsahka (CCSO)

Vehicle vs Deer, Riverside Ave., Orofino (CCSO, OPD)

Phone scam, Indio Ave., Orofino (OPD)

Theft, Johnson Ave., Orofino (OPD)

Petit theft, Dunlap Rd., Orofino (OPD)

Parking complaint, Vida Ave., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance call, River Front Rd., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, 118th St., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Grand Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance transfer, Cedar St., Orofino (CCAS)

Battery, Hwy 11, Weippe (CCSO)

Out of state warrant, Hospital Dr., Orofino (CCSO)

Cows on the road, Hwy 8/MP 51 & MP 53, Elk River (CCSO)

Animal complaint, Twin Ridge Rd., Orofino (CCSO)

Verbal domestic, Northfork Dr., Ahsahka (CCSO)

Vehicle accident, MM 25 Hwy 11 (CCSO)

Hit and run accident, College Ave./Johnson Ave., Orofino (OPD)

Suspicious activity, Main St., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance call, Spruce Ct., Elk River (CCAS, CCSO, Ambulance, Orchard Dr., Lenore (CCAS)

Agency assist, Black Canyon (CCSO)

Barking dogs, Upper Fords Creek Rd., Weippe (CCSO)

Fireworks, Hwy 12, Orofino (CCSO, OPD)

Possible shooting at wildlife, Old Dent Rd., Orofino (IDFG)

Suspicious activity, Main St., Orofino (CCSO, OPD)

Juvenile disturbance, N F St., Orofino (CCSO, OPD)

Malicious injury, Michigan Ave., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance call, Willow Dr., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Michigan Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Runaway, Timberline Dr., Pierce (CCSO)

Warrant, Michigan Ave., Orofino (CCSO)

Sex offense, Third Ave., Orofino (CCSO)

Traffic complaint, Hwy 11, Weippe (CCSO)

CPOR violation, Clearwater County Jail, (CCSO)

Public assist – deer, Grangemont Rd., Orofino (CCSO)

Prowler, Bluebird Ln., Orofino (CCSO)

Missing child, Hartford Ave., Orofino (OPD)


Welfare check, Hospital Dr., Orofino (CCSO, IDFG, OPD)

Found property, Riverside Ave.,/Dunlap, Orofino (OPD)

Traffic complaint, Kalaspo Ave., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance call, Cedar Dr., Pierce (CCAS, CCSO)

Ambulance call, Johnson Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Malicious injury, Main St., Weippe (CCSO)

Trespass, Wilson Rd., Weippe (CCSO)

Vehicle accident, Cavendish Hwy, Orofino (CCSO)

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