Compilation of this report requires interpretation and manual data entry.

As a result, this report is not a substitute for the actual source documents and the Court cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all information contained herein

Magistrate Court

All fines and forfeitures include court costs unless otherwise noted Not all details of sentencing may be listed (CCSO–Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office; OPD-Orofino Police Department)


Tonna Laree Day, Orofino – Driving-Passing limitations on driving left of center on highway $90; Vehicle insurance-Fail to provide proof of insurance $131.50 (CCSO)

Alan Charles Mee, Lewiston – Driving speed-Exceeding the maximum posted speed limit $90 (CCSO)



Ambulance call, 140th St., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Forsman Ave. Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Birch St., Weippe (CCAS, CCSO)

Ambulance transfer, Cedar St., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, 140th St., Orofino (CCAS)

Vehicle accident, MP 48/Hwy 12 (CCAS, CCSO, OFD, Rescue 3)

Welfare check, Mill Rd., Orofino (CCSO)

Welfare check, W 2nd Ave., Weippe (CCSO)


Person lost, Blue Moon Ln., Orofino (CCSO, OPD)

Suspicious activity, Hardy Ln., Orofino (CCSO)

Vehicle accident, Hwy 11, Pierce (CCSO)

Grand theft, Main St., Pierce (CCSO)

Welfare check, N. Main St., Pierce (CCSO)

Disorderly conduct, Bass Ln., Orofino (CCSO)

Lost wallet, Johnson Ave., Orofino (OPD)


Suspicious activity, Blue Moon Ln., Orofino (CCSO)

Grand theft, Wood St., Weippe (CCSO)

Welfare check, Bluebird Ln., Orofino (CCSO)

Slide off, Hwy 11, Orofino (CCSO)

Verbal domestic, Rouleau Loop, Weippe (CCSO)

Malicious injury, Johnson Ave., Orofino (OPD)

Suspicious activity, Michigan Ave., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance transfer, Cedar St., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Riverside Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Domestic call, Willoughby Dr., Pierce (CCSO)

Animal complaint, Upper Fords Creek Rd., Weippe (CCSO)

Suspicious activity, Harmony Heights Loop, Orofino (CCSO)

Suspicious activity, Cavendish Hwy, Ahsahka (IDFG)

Civil complaint, Cedar St., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance call, Michigan Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Creekside Dr., Orofino (CCAS)

Parking complaint, Noble Dr., Weippe (CCSO)

Traffic complaint (x2), Hwy 11, Weippe (CCSO)

Agency assist, Twilight Dr., Orofino (CCSO)

Parking complaint, Boulder Dr., Orofino (OPD)


Ambulance call, Westwood Terrace Dr., Orofino (CCAS)

Parking complaint, Timberline Dr., Pierce (CCSO)

Found property, Michigan Ave., Orofino (CCSO, OPD)

Suspicious activity, Hwy 11, Orofino (OFD)

Person fainting, unconscious, Main St., Pierce (CCAS, OPD)

Animal complaint, Riverside Ave., Orofino (OPD)

Fire, Timberline Dr., Pierce (CCSO, PFD)


Ambulance call, E. 1st St., Weippe (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Odie St., Orofino (CCAS)

Ambulance call, Visa Ave., Orofino (CCAS)

Disorderly conduct, Whitetail Dr., Ahsahka (CCSO)

Agency assist, Cedar St., Orofino (OPD)

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