Warranty Deed – Daniel Connor to Gerald Miller, Wendy Miller; Pt SWNE Sec 18-35N-5EBM

Warranty Deed – Clay Weeks, Megan Weeks AKA Megan Gering to Charles Freeman, Aundrea Freeman; Pt SW Sec 13-37N-1WBM


Quit-claim Deed – Scott Barnes, Katherine Barnes to Scott and Katherine Barnes Living Trust; Lot 29 Elk Meadows Subdivision


Warranty Deed – Katherine Hogan Gray AKA Katherine S Hogan to Jessica A Noah; Easterly 38 ft. Lots 13,14,15,16,17 Block 4 Gorman’s Addition


Warranty Deed – Carl E Brockman, Karen Brockman to Andrew L Windholz; NENE and the N1/2SENE Sec 26-35N-4EBM and PT NW Sec 25-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Debra A Windholz to Andrew L Windholz; NENE and N1/2SENE Sec 26-35N-4EBM and PT NW Sec 25-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Dennis Standridge, Summer Standridge to Mark Dumitry, Eva Dumitry; Pt S1/2SE Sec 34-37N-1WBM

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