Deed – PotlatchDeltic Land & Lumber, LLC to Gordon Hubbard, Sharla Hubbard; Pt of Sec 7, Gov’t lots 1 & 2, & NE E1/2NW, SE & Sec 8, W1/2NW, NWSW All in 35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Charles J Morris, Caroline Y Morris to Raymond John Roth-Trustee, Raymond John Roth Trust


Warranty Deed – William E Samuels, Roberta L Samuels to William E Samuels-Trustee, Roberta Lea Samuels-Trustee, Samuels Family Trust; Parcel 1: W1/2SESE, Pt SESE Sec 32-37N-2EBM; Parcel 2: Pt NESWSE Sec 32-37N-2EBM; Parcel 3: N1/2 ofGov’t Lot 1 and all of lot 2 Sec 5-36N-2EBM; Parcel 4: SE & Pt E1/2 & Pt S1/2NE Sec 32-37N-2EBM; Parcel 5: NESWSE SWNWSE Sec 32-37N-2EBM

Warranty Deed Limited – U.S. Bank National Association Trustee, Bluewater Investment Trust 2017-1 to Carrie Simants; NW sec 7-26N-2EBM Lots 6 & 7 Pt of Lot 5 Block 3 Gorman’s Addition

Quit-Claim Deed – Angelina May Wormdahl to Jeremy Lane Colwell, Angelina May Wormadahl; Sec 7-36N-2EBm Lots 1 & 2 Block 5 Orofino Original


Quit-Claim Deed – Linda R Jackson FKA Linda R Sutton to John Wade Sutton; Pt sec 29-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Edward J Sala, Juli S Thorson to Daniel R Kraut, Carol A Kraut; Lot 2 block 14, White Pine Addition to the Village of Elk River

Warranty Deed – Nancy Dimick, to John Dymus, Lynnette Dymus; Se1/4 Sec22-38N-2EBM


Warranty Deed – Kim Aubert to Travis Mickelson, Sharon Dingman; E1/2SENW Sec 29-35N-6EBM

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