Warranty Deed Correction – City of Orofino to George L Griffin, Phyllis A Griffin; Pt Lot 1 Riverside Tract, Sec 2-36N-1EBM

Warranty Deed – Buck R Taggart to Shona Sorensen; Lot 19 of Elk Meadows Subdivision

Quit Claim Deed – Bryan Amato to Mary S Siri; Pt NENW Sec 1-36N-2EBM


Warranty Deed – Dennis R Thweatt, Tina M Thweatt to Eddie Glassford, Ethelyn B Glassford; Pt S1/2NE Sec21-36N-3EBM


Mining Quit Claim Deed – Mike O’Bryant, Crystal Beck F/K/A Crystal O’Bryant to Mike O’Bryant; Lot 1 Block 4 Whispering Pines addition to the City of Pierce

Warranty Deed – James G Walker to Kortney L Walker; Parcel 1: Lot 6 Block 1; Parcel 2: Lot 7 & 8 Block 1; Both in Richardson Platted Tracks

Warranty Deed – Erick B Knight, Heather R Knight to Michael A Delgardo, Diane K Delgardo; Lot 14 Block 1 Grand Addition to Orofino also Lot 1 Block 6 Laqa Vista Subdivision

Warranty Deed – Jerry Chavez, Elizabeth S Chavez to Charles L Ruland, Jyl L Ruland, J & J Enterprise LLC; N1/2SENE Sec 5-37N-1EBM


Warranty Deed – Robert E Mills to Ester Rose Hett; North 75 feet of Lot 1, Block 21 Riverview Subdivision

Warranty Deed – Phyliss M Lee to Larry A Jagow; Pt NWNW Sec 24-35N-4EBM, Pt S1/2NWNW Sec 24-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Barbara V Jagow to Larry A Jagow; Pt NWNW Sec 24-35N-4EBM, Pt S1/2NWNW Sec 24-35N-4EBM

Quit Claim Deed – Leroy B Arneson, Kay Y Arneson to Leroy B Arneson & Kay Y Arneson Trust; Pt of Lots 5 & 6 Sec 33-37N-1EBM


Warranty Deed – Dale A Christian, Mary Kathryn Christian AKA Kathryn Christian to Mary Kathryn Christian, Dale A Christian; SWNE Sec 35-36N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Larry A Deardorff, Cindy M Deardorff to Donald G Smack; SW Pt of Block 1 of Brown’s Addition to the Townsite of Weippe

Warranty Deed – Arnold Warren Moore-Personal Representative, Estate of George W Moore to Mark A Young; Pt of E1/2SW Sec 33-37N-2EBM

Warranty Deed Correction – Arthur H Baker, Dianne Baker to Christine Nelson; SENWNW Sec 18-36N-3EBM

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