Warranty Deed - Barbara R Fagley to Darrell Dave Bennett, Marie Annette Bennett; Pt of Lot 4, West Riverside Tracts (Se 2-36N-1EBM)

Warranty Deed – Lucas Tilley, Veronica Tilley to Shane Elliott Endicott, Crystal Leigh Endicott; Lots 1 & 2, Block 11 Original Town of Orofino

Quit-Claim Deed – Joseph P Dion III to Jacob R Freeman; Pt of S1/2NW & NWNE & NENW & S1/2NE Sec 8-36N=3EBM

Quit-Claim Deed – Laurence H Nelson, Colleen M Nelson to Laurence H Nelson, Colleen M Nelson; Lot 6 Block 2 Town Pierce (NESW Sec 2-36N-5EBM) Lot 14 Block 5 Town of Pierce (NESW Sec 2-36N-5EBM)


Warranty Deed – Virginia J White, Conservator, Gordon B White to Scotty Tondevold, Christina Tondevold; E1/2 W1/2 & E1/2 NE

Warranty Deed – Barbara R Fagley-Personal Representative, Estate of Richard Duane Fagley to Darrell Dave Bennett, Marie Annette Bennett; Pt of Lot 4 of West Riverside Tracts, Orofino (Sec 2-36N-1EBM)

Warranty Deed – Mona Rae Debusk to Frank Krier, Adrianne Krier; Lot 5 block 5 Stover Addition to Pierce

Quit-Claim deed – Ryan E Smathers, Heather Smathers to Heather Smathers, Ryan Smathers; Gov’t Lot 6 Sec 2-36N-1EBM


Warranty Deed – Shane A Harris, Sarah A Harris to Steven Kopp; Lot 12 & Pt Lot 11 Block 3 Original town of Orofino

Warranty Deed – Arther G Osterberg, Deniece M Osterberg to James E Stout, Jr, Loretta J Stout; Pt of Lots 53-58 Block a Railway Company’s Station Ground Sec 7-36N-2EBM


Warranty Deed – Robert D Morse, Teresa A Morse to Mark Edward Correa, Nancy joy Correa; Lot 6 Woodland Meadows Subdivision

Warranty Deed – Frank Wityczk to Russell Joseph Gross, Megan Anna Walton; Lot 2 Block 1 New Hope School Subdivision

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