Warranty Deed – Emily A Simmons to Damon A Mitchell; Lot 12, Block 6 Day’s Addition


Quit-Claim Deed – Kenneth Barney Tuntland, Jon Randall Tuntland, Estate of Michael Don Tuntland, Kristi Hanson-Executor to Sandra D Tuntland; Lots 2, 3, 4, 5 of Block 4 of Westgate Addition

Warranty Deed – Kristy Turcott AKA Kristy Vale to Jeffrey Wayne Cunnington, Ana Rosario Curiba Cunnington; Lot 7 Whispering Pines Addition

Warranty Deed – Jeffrey B Richardson, Janice E Richardson to Jason C Massey, Yira C Massey; Lot 18, Fraser Pines Subdivision


Warranty Deed – Brandon J Pugh, Chelsea M Jansen to Travis Lee Tolby; Lot 10 Block 6 of White Pine Addition to the Village of Elk River

Quit-Claim Deed – Kari M Hofmann to Travis L Tolby; Lot 10 Block 6 of White Pine Addition to the Village of Elk River


Warranty Deed – Sandra D Tuntland to Ronald O Carey; Lots 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Block 5; Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Block 6; Lots 3, 4 & 5 Block 4; Lot 2 Block 4

Warranty Deed – Sandra D Tuntland to Ronald O Carey; Lot 1 Block 2 and the vacate part of Fremont St. Northerly 25’ x 120’ adjacent to Lot 1 Block 3 of Westgate Addition of Orofino

Warranty Deed – Douglas G Henson to Franklin H Woehler; Lot 6 Block 9 Whispering Pines Addition


Warranty Deed – Peggy Core to Paul Larson, Dina Larson; Pt SWNW Sec 13-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Cynthia L Allen-Tyler AKA Cynthia L Tyler, Cynthia L Allen-Tyler AKA Cindy L Allen-Tyler, Cynthia L Allen-Tyler AKA Cindy L Tyler to Michael A Binder , Tammy D Binder; Parcel 1: Pt NENW Sec 30-37N-2EBM; Parcel 2: Lot 1 less all that part lying south and west of county road Sec 30-37N-2EBM

Warranty Deed – Dominic Spediacci, Sayra Adams to Steven L Szoka, Glenda L Szoka; Lot 5 Block 9 Day’s Addition to Orofino

Quit-Claim Deed – Becky Martin, Jeffrey Martin-Deceased to Becky Martin-personal rep for Jeff Martin Estate; Sec 26-40N Lot 5 Block 23 White Pine Addition Elk River

Warranty Deed – Jeremy Keith Hedrick, Morgan L Adams to Robert T Erskine, Martine K Erskine; Lot 9 Block 2 Grand Addition to Orofino

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