April 19

Warranty Deed: Cody Luke Newcome to Cody L. Newcome, Asia Newcome; Pt W1/2SW-Sec 17-34N-4EBM

April 22

Quit-Claim Deed: Barbara Deyo to Deyo Land and Timber, LLC; W1/2SWNE & E1.2SENW & E1/2NESW &W1/2WSE-Sec 39-39N-4EBM

April 23

Quit-Claim Deed; Cheryl A. Baker to Cheryl A. Baker Jack M. Baker; Lot 17 Block 4 Wixson Heights Addition to Orofino

April 24

Quit-Claim Deed: Ben L. Veeder, Marjorie V. Veeder to Ronald J. Larson, Andrea L. Larson; Lot 13,14,15 & 16, Block 15, Weippe Brown’s 2nd Addition

Quit-Claim Deed: James D. DeMain, Betty M. DeMain to James D. DeMain; trustee, Betty M. DeMain; trustee, James D. DeMain and Betty M. DeMain Trust Agreement PT N1/2SE Sec 29 & Gov Lot 1 Sec 28 Both in 37N-2EBM

Warranty Deed: James Fredrick Martz to Straight Shooter Enterprises, LLC; Pt N1/2N1/2NENE Sec 25-37N-1EBM

Quit-Claim Deed: Brain D. Deyo to Deyo Land and Timber, LLC; W1/2SWNE & E1/2SENW & E1/2NESE & W1/2NWSE all in Sec 29-39N-4EBM

April 25

Warranty Deed: Willard M. Latimer, Shelly Rinta-Attorney in Fact to William R Stewart, Trustee, Evelyn Stewart-Breaux Revocable Trust; SWNE Sec 9-34N-4EBM

Quit-Claim Deed: Michael G. Deyo to Deyo Land and Timber, LLC; W1/2SWNE & E1/2SENW & E1/2NESE & W1/2NWSE Sec 29-39N-4EBM

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