May 24

Warranty Deed – Darrell L Sullivan, Julie Rae Sullivan, Rochelle Pasco AKA Rochelle Wilks, Steven Pasco to Dennis L Ruark, Virginia A Ruark; SWNW-Sec 3-34N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Kent Lee Peterson, Catherine Leslie to Darren R Mihelich; W 660 Ft of Pt of SENW Lying North of county road, Sec 35-37N-1WBM

Warranty Deed – James A Odell to Andrew Jared Scott, Sarah Denice Scott; Lot 5, Re-subdivision of Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Woodland Meadows subdivision

May 28

Warranty Deed – Alton C Lillard, Dorothy M Lillard to Tamee O White, Trustee, Susan E J White, Trustee, White Family Trust;s1/2SENE Sec 19 & SWNW Sec 20 & E1/2NWSW Sec20 all in 37N-2EBM

Warranty Deed – Rodney Lee Corder, Julie Hendren to Connor L Warner; Pt S1/2NE Sec 28-37N-2EBM and Pt S1/2NE sec 28-37N-2EBM

May 29

Warranty Deed – Kelly Patricia Loughlin, Scott Wesley Chehock to Christopher Mark Loseth; Pt E1/2W1/2NW Sec 23-38N-2EBM

May 30

Warranty Deed – Debra Atchison to Fir Trust; NWSE Sec 15-35N-4EBM-1/2 2nd Street w/ Adj lots 1 & 2, block 9 Weippe Original

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