July 8

Quit-Claim Deed – Glen Edward Hafer to Evan Douglas Hafer; Parcel 1: n 398 ft of tax No. 433 SWSE Sec 10-35N-4EBM, Parcel 2: W/12 Tax no. 731 SWSE Sec 10-35N-4EBM, Parcel 3: Nax no. 543 E1/2SWSWSE Sec 10-35N-4EBM, Parcel 4: SWSWSE Sec 10-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Courtney Ann Stifanick to Lisa Giamalva; Lot 1 & 2 Canoe Camp Subdivision

Warranty Deed – Ginger A Stewart, Ginger A Rose to Dale Laverane Province; Not 210 Ft of Lot 1, Block 20 Riverview Subdivision’

Warranty Deed – Leo M Schultz, Sharma to Rick W Evans; Lot 15 Block 3 Pleasant Acres subdivision to Weippe, ID

July 9

Quit-Claim Deed – Jack Brown to Jackson Brown, Dorit Brown; N1/4S1/2NESE, N1/2NESE less us tract 25x25, N1/2Lot 3, N1/4S1/2Lot 3, T# 3776 Less T#3777, E1/2Gov’t Lot 1, NESW allying S of Co Rd Pt Cov Lot3 Sec 30-37N-2EBM

Warranty Deed – Michael Gormley-Trustee, Gormley-Hofer Trust, Jayne Hofer-Trustee to Michael Gormley; Pt Gov’t Lot 8 Sec7 and West ½ Sec8-37N-1EBM

Quit-Claim Deed – Gordon D Kreisher, Deanna L Kreisher to Gordon D Kreisher, Deanna L Kreisher, Kevin G Keisher; Lot 5 Lot7 and N1/2 Kot 8 Block 15 White Pine Addition to the Village of Elk River

Warranty Deed – W Bradford DeLong, Irene Lamberti to Letco J Reece, Shelly R Reece, Cynthia B Page, Christopher J Page; Lot 2 Block 4 Wixson Heights Subdivision also Pt Lot 10 Block 4 Wixson Heights Subdivision

Warranty Deed – Jonathan P McPherson, Shelley L McPherson to Clinton Cullins, Felicia R Cullins; Pt SW-Sec 29-37n-2EBM

July 10

Warranty Deed – 2 Spuds, LLC to Kyle Prettyman; Lot 2 Block 7, Whispering Pines Addition

Quit-Cliam Deed – Lolita J Isaacson, Julie A Hendren to Lolita J Isaacson; Pt SW Sec30-36N-5EBM

Quit- claim Deed – Joe E Willis, Betty D Adkison to Betty d Adkison; Pt NWNE Sec 8-36N-2EBM

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