Warranty Deed-Robert F. Jinks and Joann M. Jinks to Daniel E. Bunch, S1/2SENE SEC 27, 35N, 4EBM.

Quit-Claim Deed-Janean Meyer to Mark Bansemer, Lot 7, Hillsview Addition to the City of Orofino.

Warranty Deed-Mark Bansemer to William E. Crockett and Rebecca L. Crockett, Lot 7, Hillsview Addition to the City of Orofino.


Warranty Deed-Equity Trust Company, Matthew T. Higgins, and Elliott F. Golnar to Peak Digital Prospecting, LLC, PT NE SEC 9- 36N-2EBM. Refers to #’S 235328, 230658, 234764, 235328, 232223, 232435, 139942, BK30 PG277, BK 33 PG109, BK16 PG481.

Quit-Claim Deed- Sarah McCutchen to Sarah McCutchen, PT SENW SEC 2- 36N- 5EBM.

Quit-Claim Deed- Robert L. Portlock Jr, Deana Portlock, Ryan Rhodes, Nathan Rhodes to Robert L. Portlock Jr., Deana Portlock, Nathan Rhodes, Trustor, Tarvis S. Rhodes, Trustee, Rhodes Living Trust, PT S1/2 SEC 33- 38N-2EBM. Refers to #’S 126239, 226620, 226621, 233987, 193257, 234814, 236403, 236448, 236449, 236885, 237207.


Warranty Deed-Gregory B. Hildebrand, PR, Estate of James Edwin Hildebrand, to Patrick Kegley and Sandra Kegley, N1/2NWNW SEC24- 35N- 4EBN.

Warranty Deed-Alonzo Linderman and Shiloh Linderman to Brian Cunningham and Sara Cunningham, PT GOV LOT 5 SEC 6- 36N- 2EBM. Refers to #211513.


Quit-claim Deed-Carl C. Jensen, and Karen S. Jensen to Carl C. Jensen Co-Trustee and Karen S. Jensen Co-Trustee and Carl C. and Karen S. Family Trust, Lots 4 and 5 Elk Meadows Subdivision.

Warranty Deed-Ed Wylde, Linda Wylde, Ed Wylde Trustee, Linda Wylde Trustee, Wylde 2003 Revocable Trust, Willola Properties, LLC, to Sar Holdings, LLC, S1/2 LOT 9 All Lot 23, BLK2 Pleasant Acres & Lot 2, BLK3 Whispering Pines & PT N1/2SENW SEC2-36N-5EBM & PT SENW SEC 2-36N-5EBM & LOT 6, BLK 7 Whispering Pines Addition.

Warranty Deed-Beverly A. Mitchell to Daniel W. Booth and Kristen M. Booth, Lot 7, Block 22, White Pine Addition to Elk River.

Warranty Deed- James P. McCann and Jeanine A. McCann to Ray Jorgensen and Jenny Jorgensen, Lot 12, Block 2, Grand Addition to Orofino. Subject to easements.

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