Feb. 8

WARRANTY DEED-Steven Theodore Salomon & Kim Tram Xuan Salomon aka Kim Tram Xuan Bui to Michael Allison, SE-SEC 18-36N-3EBM, PT SEC 17 & 18-36N-3EBM.

Feb. 11

WARRANTY DEED-Carl D Roy, Rose Roy to Anthony Talbott & Brenda Talbott, SWNE, N1/2SENE, SWSENE-SEC 7-36N-2EBM ALL PARTS LY9ING SOUTH OF OROFINO CREEK.

WARRANTY DEED-Douglas V Fluharty & Deborah J Fluharty to George A Seubert & Karma Lee Seubert, PT OF SENW-SEC26-40N-2EBM.

WARRANTY DEED CORRECTION-Lethco John Reece & Shelly Ruth Reece to Scott R Feldmann and Angela Feldmann, NWNE, W1/2NENE-SEC 10-37N-1WBM CORECTION TO THE NAMES OF THE GRANTEES.

Feb. 12

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Jack Brazington to Kamela KI Wyssman and Chadwick R Brazington, SEC 20-40N-11EBM.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED- Linda Brazington to Jack Brazington, SEC 20-40N-11EBM.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Ron A Adams to Roy Wilson, PT W1/2 SEC 22-37N-1EBM.

Feb. 14

WARRANTY DEED-Daniel E Eyer Trustee & Regina Elliott Eyer Trustee & Eyer Family Revocable Trust to Brian L Steele & Diana J Steele, LOT 19 CAREY SUBDIVISION.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Elizabeth Steiner to Elizabeth Steiner and Leeroy Steiner, PT NW-SEC 30-37N-4EBM.

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