Feb. 1

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Doris Peterson to Theodore Peterson, Annette Peterson. Pt S1/2SW Sec. 12-36N-2EBM; parcel containing 7.17 acres more or less, Re: Survey 235083

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Gene N Trakel. Parcel 1: Pt NESW Sec 17-35N-4EBM; Parcel 2: Pt NWSW Sec 17-35N-4EBM

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-William S Erbst to Shannon Erbst. Lot 2 Block 2 of J. Miles Subdivision

Feb. 4

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Shellsi Howerton to Wesley Howerton. W1/2 of Lot 10 Osenton’s tract.

Feb. 5

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-John E. Bradford, Louise F. Bradford to Harriet Jo Anne Freeman, John E. Bradford, Louise F. Bradford. Pt of property located in Sec 34-37N-1WBM, ½ undivided interest to John and Louise Bradford and ½ interest to Harriet Jo Anne Freeman.

Feb. 6

WARRANTY DEED-James R. Pearsall, Linda Pearsall to Josh W. Steiner, Leeroy E Steiner, Teena M Gortsema. Pt of SENE Sec. 21-38N-2EBM; Subject to easements, terms, and conditions REF: Book of Deeds BK 39 PG 467, Inst# 100732, 110842.

WARRANY DEED-Dena Rose to Michael Nixon, Timothy Nixon. Lots 4, 5 and 6, Block 1 Gorman’s addition to Orofino.

WARRANY DEED-Shanon R. Nixon to Michael Nixon. Lots 4, 5 and 6, Block 1 Gorman’s addition to Orofino.

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