Jan. 25

QUIT-CLAIM DEED- Nancy A. Karlen, David G Brosemann to David G Brosemann. PT SESE Sec. 18 and NENE Sec. 19, 36N-3EBM.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Nancy Karlen, David Brosemann to Nancy Karlen, NW Corner Lot 4 of Pease Subdivision.

WARRANTY DEED, Michael R. Aeschliman, Sommer A. Aeschlinman FKA Baker, to Cory J. Pinque, Lot 1 Block 2 Pleasant Acres Subdivision to the City of Weippe.

WARRANTY DEED, Fannie Mae A/K/A Federal National Mortgage Association to Wesley Howerton, W1/2 Lot 10 in Ostenton’s tract Unrecorded Platt, Sec 10 36N-5EBM

CORRECTED QUIT-CLAIM DEED, Charlotte J. Leonard to Walker J Reggear, S1/2NW, N1/2SW, Sec. 12-37N-2EBM, PT SWNW & NWSW Sec. 12-37N-2EBM, PTNESW Sec. 12-37N-2EBM, Subject to easement corrected deed releasing life estate Re: Inst. 234562 & 230298.

CORRECTION WARRANTY DEED, Bruce E. Bower, Beverly E. Bower to Bower Living Trust, Bruce E. Bower Trustee, Beverly E Bower Trustee, 100% Interest Pleasant Acres Subdivision, Sec. 14-35N-4EBM-Lots 6 and 7-Block 6, Subject to easements and ¼ interest of PT of Lot 5, West Riverside Tracts. Ref: 234771

QUIT-CLAIM DEED, Patricia E. Reggear Larsen, to Patricia E. Reggear Larsen, Dorian L. Larsen, S1/2SESW Sec. 9-37N-2EBM.

WARRANTY DEED, Joseph B. Pippenger to Rodney F Arnzen, Kathi L. Gardner, Lot 1 and W1/2 Lot 2 Block 4 Cardiff’s Addition.

WARRANTY DEED, Elaine Landers, Trustee, Elaine Landers Living Trust to Michael D. Jones, PT NENE Sec. 35-37N-3EBM, Subject to terms and condition in easement #147331; All Matters, Easements Etc. disclosed by Survey # 228200 QUIT-CLAIM DEED, Gary Bordner to Gary Bordner, Teresa Bordner, Lot 3, Block 18, Mix Addition to the City of Orofino.

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