Dec. 7

WARRANTY DEED- Mark D Walton, Jenna R Walton to State of Idaho, N1/2SW, SESW SEC: 22 37N 3EBM.

WARRANTY DEED-Joeseph A Rohner III, Merrilyn F Rohner to Ore Creek Trust, PT NESE SEC 29 38N 2EBM.

Dec. 11

WARRANTY DEED-Shirleon Hall aka Shirleon B. Schneider to Steven M Schneider, NE, SE, & SW SEC 8 35N 4EBM.

WARRANTY DEED-Steven M Schneider to Jake A Armitage, NE, SE, & SW SEC 8 35N 4EBM.

Dec. 12

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Karen L Eastman to Michael Blewett Jr, LOT 12, BLK 15, VILLAGE OF ELK RIVER.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED- Jodi Lynn Brown FKA Jodi Lynn Bullene to Robert Kevin Brown, SEC 24, 38N, 1WBM NWSWNE.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Jeanette Sue Braun to Jennifer Wetmore, NENW SEC 9, 36N, 2EBM.

QUIT-CLAIM DEED-Jeanette Sue Braun to Dewey R Stewart, Mellisa K Stewart, NWSE, SECV 4, 36N, 3EBM

Dec. 13

WARRANTY DEED-David W Brown, Doyle D Jones, Linda K Jones to Christopher R Kaino, Lisa A Kaino, SEC 11, 37N, 1EBM, SUB TO EASEMENT BK 42 OF DEED PG 173 10/14/1955, INST # 138588 6/22/1984 174169 01/29/1997, 200886 11/07/2005, 232305 12/05/2017.

Quit-claim deed- Sandi Worthington, Ray Worthington to Earl Lawrence, Sandra Lawrence, SEC 27-38N-1WBM.

WARRANTY DEED-Potlatchdelic Land & Lumber, LLC to Ronald Carl Schmittle, Lynette Dennae Schmittle, E1/2NW-SEC 27-37N-3EBM

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