April 12

Quit-Claim Deed, Chris A Anderson, Trustee, Adelia S Anderson, Trustee, Chris A and Adelia S Anderson Trust to Chris A Anderson, Adelia S Anderson; SE1/2of lot 7 Sec 28-36N-2EBM; 561 ft of the NE corner Lot & Sec28-36N-2EBM

Quit-Claim Deed, Gordon D Kreisher, Deanna L Kreisher to Deanna L Kreisher, Gordon D Kreisher, Kevin G Kreisher; Lot 6, block 15, Original Village of Elk River & Lot 5 Block 15, White Pine Addition & S1/2 of Lot 8, Original townsite of Elk River

Warranty Deed, Shannon Erbst AKA Shannon Christine Erbst to Steven L Crawford, Sharon E Crawford; Lot 2 Block 2 J Miles subdivision

April 15

Quit-Claim Deed, Erica A Smith to Roberta L Morin; Sec3-36N-1EBM the west 90 ft. of SE of the road in Lot 5 Block 1 Riverview subdivision

Warranty Deed, Randall L Higgins to Randall L Higgins, Mereta I Higgins; S35ft. lot 2 & N30ft of Lot 3 of the subdivision of Pt of Lot 4, subdivision of the E1/2 of Lot 9 and W15ft of lot8; Riverside tracts

Quit-Claim Deed, Sandra Jayne Dabill to Joshua Wayne Dabill, Lacy Lynette Dabill, Sandra Jayne Dabill; Lot H of the Three Mile Retreat

April 16

Quit-Claim Deed, Scott Dan Cumberland, Michele L Cumberland to Scott D. Cumberland, Michele L Cumberland; N1/2NE sec 19-36N-2EBM

April 17

Warranty Deed, James S Bird, Carrie Bird to Casey Bird, Jennifer Bird; Pt SESE Sec 4-36N-2EBM

Quit-Claim Deed, Gerard H Kasperbauer to James Demas, Rebecca Demas, Bret Kasperbauer; SESW Sec 3-37N-5EBM

April 18

Warranty Deed. Shelby Gau, Shelby Gau-Personal representative, Estate of Angie Gau, Deceased to Jackson M Brown; Pt NESW Sec 30-37N-5EBM

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