Quit-Claim Deed – Travis S Rhodes-Trustor & Trustee, The Rhodes Living Trust to Robert L Portlock, Deana Portlock, Ryan Rhodes, Nathan Rhodes; S1/2 of Sec 33-38N-2EBM

Warranty Deed – Marcus R Bell, Kathy A Bell to Woodrow Boethel; Lot 5 Lakeview Recreational Subdivision


Warranty Deed – Estate of Kevin Watson, Gina McClain-Personal Representative to Alvin Dennis Cox, Rebecca E Cox; Pt Sec 2-36N-3EBM


Warranty Deed – Sharon Joy Lance to Shawn Forsman, Bridget Forsman; Pt SESE Sec 2-37N-1EBM

Warranty Deed – Mitchell B Jared, Julie A Jared to Christopher Michael Tufts, Sandra C Tufts; Lot 8 Block 4 Whispering Pines Addition

Warranty Deed – Tyson Cobbs, Emily Simmons to Susan R Holt, Jerry Holt; Pt SENW Sec 22-37n-2EBM


Warranty Deed – James Sparano, Susan L Sparano to Doug Nemeth, Linda Nemeth; Lot 12 Block 1 J Miles Subdivision

Quit-Claim Deed – Richard Remen, Johann Altmiller Remen to Richard Remen; Sec 4-36N-2EBM

Warranty Deed – CMH, LLC to Charles Eldon Root-Trustee, Caroline Joy Root-Trustee, Root Family Trust; Pt NESE sec 3 & NWSW Sec 2-37N-1WBM

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